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Microsoft Edge can display a Managed by your organization message when you open the More menu at 3 dots in the upper right corner. By clicking this link, you will be redirected to the following page in your Edge browser:


This page will display:

Microsoft Edge is managed by your organization. If you use Microsoft Edge at school or work, it may be managed, or configured and maintained, by your organization. Your organization can configure or restrict certain features, install and block extensions, monitor activity, and control how you use it. If Microsoft Edge is managed, you can view policies defined by your organization on the edge://policy page.

This means that Edge browser settings are managed through Group Policy by your system administrator. If you open edge://policy you will see the policies that are applied.

If Edge is not managed by IT administrator, you will see the message – Microsoft Edge is not operated by any company or organization.

Remove Your browser is managed by your organization in Microsoft Edge browser

Follow these steps to remove Your browser is managed by your organization in Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 11/10:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge
  2. To access Strategies page
  3. Open the Registry Editor window
  4. To access Edge key
  5. Delete Registry Values
  6. Restart File Explorer or PC.

You must have administrative privileges to be able to run the instructions.

First, you need to check what policies are active on your Microsoft Edge browser. To do this, open the Microsoft Edge browser.

type now edge://policy in the Omnibox (address bar) and press the Enter key. On the Edge Browser Policies page, you will see a list of applied or active policies. For each policy, the policy name, policy value, source, level, and other details will be visible.

Now open the registry editor window and navigate to this path:


delete registry values

Now find the registry value under the Edge registry key associated with a policy you want to remove from Edge. For example, if the policy name is DeveloperToolsAvailabilitythen there will be a DeveloperToolsAvailability DWORD value with 2 in its value data field.

To remove this policy, simply delete this registry value.

To remove all policies applied to Edge, right-click Edge and select Remove to delete the branch.


Now restart File Explorer or PC and this message will not appear for Developer Tools option in Edge browser.

For your information, you will see the settings here in the Group Policy Editor:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Configuration > Microsoft Edge

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Configuration > Microsoft Edge


If you want to remove ALL Group Policy settings applied to your Windows system, run these commands in an elevated command prompt:

rd /s /q "%WinDir%System32GroupPolicyUsers"
rd /s /q "%WinDir%System32GroupPolicy"
gpupdate /force

I hope this helps you.

Why do I see the message “Managed by your organization”?

On a Windows 11/10 home PC, third-party software may have set an Edge policy. As such, you may see a notice that Edge is “managed by your organization”. In most cases, software or a program that sets these policies can be considered safe. For example, an app can use a policy to integrate more seamlessly with Edge. Thus, it will display the message, ensuring that you are aware that Edge’s behavior is modified by someone other than you.

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