Women Presidents Organization to Honor 50 Fastest Growing Women Owned/Led Businesses


I have long been impressed with the essential work of WPO and thought it was important to check out and share some insights from their CEO, Camille Burns. Importantly, the Women Presidents Organization and JPMorgan Chase will share the 15and annual ranking of the “50 Fastest Growing Women Owned/Led Businesses”. Founded in 1997, the WPO is the premier peer advisory organization connecting women owners of multimillion-dollar businesses, with more than 2,000 members in 11 countries.

(*Note – applications for new appointments can be received until February 25, 2022. See full list of requirements below)

Reiss: Talk about the concept of WPO’s important work

For decades, women have often been underrepresented in the media and seen as small, niche businesses, despite being important drivers of the economy. Research shows that diverse leadership creates better business outcomes and that the visibility of successful women entrepreneurs inspires others to follow in their footsteps.

“Through the Faster 50 and the WPO community, we can help raise the profile of women entrepreneurs and uplift them by providing a community of peers where they can learn, share ideas and support each other. “said Camille Burns, CEO of Women Presidents. Organization.

The WPO’s “50 Fastest” creates an opportunity for women to be recognized among their entrepreneurial peers at the top of their game. Please tell us more. .

Recognition plays an important role in helping to improve the environment for today’s women entrepreneurs and level the playing field for future leaders. The 50 fastest ranking showcases and celebrates the women who lead some of the fastest growing companies in the world and provides meaningful brand exposure.

It also creates a forum for the exchange of ideas and fosters a lasting community among winners. This is invaluable for leaders navigating new stages of growth. Past winners often reflect on the impact this community continues to have as they evolve.

The 50 Fastest is in its 15and year, can you tell us about the history of the award?

The 50 Fastest was founded to recognize the economic power of women in all sectors. Each year’s ranking is unique, reflecting a range of business types and economic and cultural trends. The 2021 ranking honored leaders in the technology, beauty, insurance, energy and healthcare sectors, among others. They generated combined revenues of $4.1 billion, ranging from $6 million to $608 million, employed over 28,000 people, and averaged 14 years in business.

“JPMorgan Chase believes in the WPO’s mission to help advance women entrepreneurs who lead from the front,” said Thelma Ferguson, Managing Director and Head of Northeast Segment, JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking. “Through this opportunity, we can help support a multitude of industries, leaders and businesses by providing expertise, solutions and connections.”

What is the thinking behind the development of this influential list of transformative entrepreneurs? How do you determine who is appropriate?

The 50 Fastest is unique in that it provides a truly objective, data-driven look at fast-growing women-owned businesses. It is calculated using a combination of absolute and percentage growth, with no subjective influence. By focusing on growth – and the numbers that prove it – the fastest 50 create a level playing field to recognize the best.

The WPO welcomes applications from all businesses worldwide that are privately owned, owned or run by women and have achieved annual revenues of at least $500,000 in each of the past five years (2017-2021). Applicants are not required to be members of the WPO and application is free.

How will this year’s winners be recognized and celebrated?

This year’s 50 fastest winners will be recognized at the WPO Annual Conference May 4-6, 2022 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The ceremony will take place on May 5 and winners will have the opportunity to log in over the three days. The fastest 50 will also be announced via a national press release and featured on the WPO website.

After the conference, winners will continue to connect at exclusive networking and educational events hosted by the WPO and JPMorgan Chase. Each winner will also receive a free analysis of their online presence from Zilker Media.

Nominations must be received by February 25, 2022. The free app requires business owners to provide their revenue figures and some basic information about their business. See the full list of requirements at


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