Why your organization should move to Microsoft 365


As you probably know, Microsoft 365 is the rebranded version of Office 365. It offers all your favorite productivity apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint plus additional features in a subscription-based model.

Many Canadian businesses are turning to Microsoft 365. Organizations needing help setting up and deploying the software turn to Softlanding’s managed IT services in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. A reputable company like Softlanding can ensure that your organization has the tools, systems, and add-ons to take advantage of all the benefits of the software.

So why are organizations migrating to Microsoft 365?

#1 Ongoing Support

As you probably know, Microsoft will end support for the widely used Office 2013. Using unsupported software can be problematic as you may miss critical security updates. For example, some outdated ransomware strains still attack old Microsoft software that is no longer supported. The security and compliance issues associated with using outdated software are too risky for most Canadian organizations. Moving to Microsoft 365 allows companies to have the latest version of their productivity software.

Businesses don’t even have to worry about installing updates and upgrades because Microsoft manages updates for its Software as a Service (SaaS) product.

Moving to a cloud-based system like Microsoft 365 also allows companies to focus on front-end security issues, with Microsoft handling back-end security. The new productivity suite also has valuable security upgrades, including two-factor authentication (2FA).

2FA is an essential security tool these days. It helps protect accounts by adding a second authentication step.

#2 User-friendly remote work

Many modern Canadian companies have adopted remote and hybrid working practices. They can access Microsoft 365 from anywhere with an internet connection because the software is cloud-based.

#3 Scalability

There are several different subscription plans for Microsoft 365 with various add-ons. Businesses can choose what they need to avoid paying for software they don’t need. They can also minimize hardware and energy costs because Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based program.

Depending on the subscription plan, businesses have access to the following applications with Microsoft 365:

  • Excel: A popular spreadsheet.
  • Editor: A desktop publishing application for creating professional looking publications.
  • Swap: A mail and calendar server.
  • Word: A popular word processor.
  • Teams: An enterprise communication and collaboration platform that has many features.
  • Planner: A teamwork-oriented planning app.
  • A note: A note-taking app that offers collaboration.
  • Outlook: A popular email client, personal organizer and calendar with Zoom and Teams integration.
  • Power point: A software package that helps users create presentations with slides.
  • SharePoint: An application that allows groups to edit and share documents.

#4 Improved work experience

Viva is an employee experience platform that helps employees engage and feel connected. It includes a personalized landing page for each employee and an analytics tool that improves user well-being. Businesses can easily add Viva to Microsoft 365 with Teams to improve the worker experience.

#5 Collaboration between teams

Colleagues using Microsoft 365 can collaborate in real time on various applications. They can add comments and work in partnership with their colleagues. Team leaders can also audit changes. Any change is easily reversible.

It’s easy to see why businesses are switching to Microsoft 365 — the customizable, scalable, and secure cloud-based productivity platform is undoubtedly a significant upgrade over its predecessor.

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