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ATG assists hundreds of people fleeing the war-torn country, securing travel and offering information and assistance.

UTRECHT, Netherlands, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — As a horrified world watched, Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. The aggression provoked Europe the largest refugee crisis since World War II, with more than 5.8 million Ukrainians fleeing the country. As a global leader in business travel and service provider in UkraineATG Travel Worldwide, BV was immediately thrown into the fray, not only assisting its customers with relocation, but also serving as a source of information and assistance to the population at large.

Anna Petrovathe founder and owner of BTL Group in Ukraine, joined ATG’s global network of independent, market-leading travel management companies in 2019. Six months after joining ATG, the COVID crisis has begun in earnest, curtailing travel everywhere. By early 2022, however, the travel industry had started to rebound and travel was picking up around the world. Then the war came.

“In the travel industry, we still face challenges, but the Russian invasion has created a situation we have never faced before,” Petrova said. “Suddenly panic spread and we started to receive requests for help fleeing the country from our customers and other Ukrainebased companies. Only half of our Ukrainian team remained in place, and despite the difficult circumstances – continuously sounding sirens and alarms – and the physical danger of gunfire and bomb explosions, we worked from our homes, our underground shelters ground and any other place where we could settle down. laptop and connect to the internet.”

At the start of the war, Petrova and her team managed customer logistics and, since the cancellation of flights, organized trips by bus or train. But it soon became apparent that non-clients, people without assets who were scared and unsure who to trust, also needed help. Traveling on foot was the only option available to many. However, long queues prevailed at border crossings to neighboring countries, and it sometimes took 24 hours to get through. ATG’s Ukraine branch provided vital information, providing transport when possible, suggesting less traveled routes out of the country and offering connections to organizations dedicated to helping the displaced.

Alin Patrubusiness development manager for ATG Romania and Republic of Moldovasupported the ATG team in Ukraine. “I contacted colleagues from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Germany to update them on the situation and discuss ways to help,” he said. “We started out helping employees and families of our ATG corporate clients move, but quickly became a major source of mining information for other TMCs who also needed reliable information. for their operations in the region. Social networks have proven to be a tremendous asset. We’ve compiled information on the quickest exit routes, as well as countries and organizations providing health care, eldercare, childcare, and other situations that need special attention. “

While the conflict of Ukraine continues, there is no going back to normal for ATG. Transport costs have skyrocketed and it is sometimes impossible to find drivers for motorists out of the country or to return to it. Many companies have, out of necessity, closed shop in Ukraine and relocated elsewhere. Some of these companies are important to the travel industry, which creates additional barriers to “business as usual” for ATG. Yet Petrova and her diligent team continue to log on to their laptops every day. They are looking for options to help ATG customers who wish to return to Europe or for Ukrainethey volunteer to help where they can and continue to use social media to send and receive the information they need to do their jobs.

“I am immensely impressed and immensely proud of the exceptional work that our ATG affiliates have done – and continue to do – under the most difficult of circumstances,” said Tammy Kring, CEO of ATG. “They have the support of all ATG offices around the world and our promise that as a global company, we are fully committed to providing not only the best and most comprehensive travel services in the industry, but we recognize the need for patience and understanding as we face the many challenges presented by this situation.We pray, like the world, that hostilities soon cease.

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