Walmart and The Home Edit Eliminate All Home Organizing Excuses


While some people decide to focus on healthy eating, exercise, or a better life balance, the reality is that organizing the home may be the one resolution that puts everyone else on the path to success. With the new partnership between Walmart and The Home Edit, there are no more excuses to leave the chaos and get organized.

In some homes, no one wants to open the pantry, cupboard or closet. It’s not auchlocaustrophobia, but it’s those overflowing shelves, potentially failing items, and general chaos that make people want to stay away.

Finding a way to tackle the situation in the organization is the key to taming the chaos. When everything has its place, it’s more than arousing joy. It’s a simple solution that anyone can follow.

The Home Edit at Walmart, Photo courtesy of Walmart

How do Walmart and The Home Edit simplify home organization?

As Walmart becomes the universal shopping destination, consumers seek that balance between value and convenience. Sometimes people are more than willing to tackle a change when it seems easy to accomplish.

In a recent announcement, Walmart shared the reasoning behind this collaboration. Put simply, Walmart said it shares “a belief with The Home Edit that everyone should have a beautiful home, regardless of their style or budget.” Even though many people have watched the Netflix show, the tools are now at their fingertips.

With organizational tools priced between $ 9.98 and $ 24.98, consumers can be sure they can tidy up their homes. Tackling one room at a time can turn that chaos into color-coded perfection.

Even though 70% of people don’t know how to start the process, these tools make it effortless to ‘modify’. While Grandma might have appreciated that everything was in its place, the transparent trash cans ensure that people can see things, and don’t just add to the clutter.

While just buying the tools won’t escape the chaos of clutter, it is a step. The key to having a system that works. While The Home Edit appreciates its color coding method, other ideas may work as well. As long as a system makes sense, it can work in any home.

While this new partnership comes at the right time for the start of the year, it sets the tone for Walmart. While value has always been a tenet of the company, it continues to stock established brands on the shelves. When a business can offer trusted brands at affordable prices, everyone wins.

What do you think of this partnership between Walmart and The Home Edit? Could it spark some organization for the new year?


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