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The 2021 project report, while one year ends from the vote and the implementation of law 4761 / 13.12.2020 for the reorganization of the structure, the modernization of the functioning of the former archaeological resources and expropriations (TAPA) and its change of name to the Management of Organizations and the Development of Cultural Resources (ODAP), as well as the planning of the actions of the Organization, was presented by the Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni, in the presence of the President of ODAP Nikoletta Valakou, members of the Council. of the Panagiotis Ntai Organization, Alexandras Charitatou and Panagiotis Barlampas, as well as the General Secretaries of the Ministry of Culture, George Didaskalos and Eleni Doundoulakis.

Interview with the Ministry of Culture Lina Mendoni and the Council. ODAP

As Lina Mendoni said, “We are exactly one year after the adoption and implementation of the law regarding the evolution from TAPA to ODAP. The Archaeological Resources Fund operated until December 2020 with a law passed in 1977. Several decades later comes the new institutional framework, the necessity of which many sometimes understood, but it had not been possible to change in 2020. With Law 4761/2020, the Organization is reorganized, modernized, acquires new possibilities, is staffed with highly qualified staff.

With the new institutional framework, the ODAP reaches 3 A:

1. To improve services provided to visitors, an objective that is part of a broader policy of the Ministry of Culture and upgrading of services in archaeological sites and museums. 2. To augment income of any kind from any source. Income from tickets to archaeological sites and museums, refreshments, shops, real estate of the Organization. And why are we interested in increasing income? And here is the 3A: Use of income means feedback on the enhancement, enhancement and use of cultural heritage, but also synergies, which we want to develop cultural heritage with modern creation. A case in point is the new institution created in 2020, “All Greece a Culture”.

Lina Mendoni pointed out that 90% of the income of the total archaeological sites and museums comes from 28 to 30 sites across the territory. “The average that a visitor has to visit museums and monumental places abroad, is around 6-7 euros. In 2019, the corresponding income was 0.10 € per visitor. Our goal, and the The Agency’s objective is to reach the average for European countries. We need very good coordination, so that in the years to come, in 2025-2026, the average approaches that of abroad ” .

The evolution of the Organization, noted the Minister, coincided with the pandemic. 2019 was the year in which tourism and traffic to archaeological sites and museums reached the highest percentage, a record number of visitors. In 2019, TAP’s income was approximately 137,500,000 euros. In 2020, due to the pandemic, these revenues barely reached nearly 23,000,000. In 2021 – until today and without having the latest data – it seems that the revenues will be around 55,000,000 euros . “From 2022, when we hope that the pandemic is limited with vaccinations, the gradual recovery not only of tourism, but also of ODAP will begin”.

The main orientations of the ODAP, as summarized by Lina Mendoni, concern the extroversion, the promotion of local products, the digital transformation of the Organization – not only with the extension of the electronic ticket – but in general, the improvement of services provided, upgrading of ODAP’s trade policy with modernization of procedures.

The Minister insisted on the priority and the emphasis placed by the Ministry of Culture on strengthening the development potential of ODAP, and on its inclusion in the projects of the Recovery and Resilience Fund, specifying that “the program Greece 2.0 included the upgrade of the ODAP, with more than 30,000,000 euros. The projects included concern the upgrading of the commercial policy and the creation of new shops, the creation of new modern laboratories for the production of copies, the evolution of TAP’s historical model library into a museum of copies the promotion of Greek culture as a whole, the creation of IEK, the supply of ODA in quantities of vendors who meet the increased demand over a five-year horizon ”.

Ancient Olympia Shop

As ODAP President Nikoletta Valakou underlined, “since December 13, 2020, the date of the adoption of the new law, the Organization’s objective is to improve the quality of services provided to visitors, ” increase the resources from visits, to provide services to visitors, but also the use of real estate, as well as the allocation of resources for the promotion, promotion and use of the public good of cultural heritage, but also for the implementation of policies and common actions with modern culture ”.

During the last year, since the adoption and implementation of the new law, ODAP has acquired a new organizational structure, endowed with highly qualified human resources. At the same time, it has developed an extrovert program for the use of archaeological sites and monuments for the organization of cultural events for the promotion and promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

ODAP’s development path has been strengthened by more than 30 million euros, with the inclusion in the “Greece 2.0” Recovery Fund program of key actions of the Organization.

In this context, the objective is to improve the production of precise copies with scanners and 3D printers and the relocation of the Organization, the new IEK, the copy laboratory, the model library and the warehouses of the ODAP in a new adapted building with sufficient space.

There are also plans to modernize the ODAP stores and create 12 new stores. In addition to the shops at the archaeological sites and museums, there will be another shop in the flower district of the Parliament. In addition, the pilot operation of a store is planned, which will be awarded through a call for tenders to individuals, while in the coming days will begin the trial operation of the online store of the Organization.

Cap de Thira shop

As Panagiotis Ntais specifies, “the actions registered in the Recovery Fund also include the extension of the implementation of an Integrated Commercial Information System (POS – Retail) to 30 stores. The digital upgrade of ODAP services continues with the electronic ticket issuance system in 11 archaeological sites and museums sponsored by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the EIB. The electronic ticket issuance system has been extended to the National Archaeological Museum and the Royal Tombs Museum of Aigai, with its own ODAP means, while with the sponsorship of the Onassis Foundation, it will be extended in 2022 to 9 more important archaeological sites. Sites and museums. The implementation of an electronic ticket issuance system is channeled to 100 other archaeological sites, monuments and museums, through PPP. The corresponding economic and technical study was prepared in collaboration with Information Society SA. “

Regarding refreshments, which are managed by the Organization, their upgrading program is underway. By 2022, the second phase of the use of supplies will be implemented, with a doubling of their number and aimed at improving the quality of the services provided.

new ODAP packages

Alexandra Charitatou spoke about the development of the ODAP global trade policy upgrade program. “A new visual identity and new packaging were created, while the stores were enriched with vendors inspired by the archaeological richness of each region. In the renovated stores, there are more than 400 new items, jewelry, creations of Greek designers, products intended for children, but also specialized products, such as olive oil from ancient Olympia called Charisma Zeus “. olive oil production is planned to be extended to other archaeological sites. It should be noted that, despite the reduced traffic of the last two years due to the pandemic, the turnover of ODAP stores in 2021 , marked a significant increase of 35% compared to 2019, although traffic was reduced by 60%.


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