The organization demonstrates the importance of the Muslim vote in Ontario.


The Canadian-Muslim Vote (TCMV), a registered, non-partisan, non-profit charity, has released data on 41 ridings where Muslim voters exceed the margin of victory (difference between 1st and 2nd place) on the basis of today’s Elections Ontario preliminary results:

• These constituencies represent 2/3 (64%) of all constituencies decided by 1,000 votes or less.

• These are 3/4 of the Liberal seats, 1/3 of the Conservative seats and 1/4 (26%) of the New Democrat seats.

• Although these ridings recorded an average turnout of 40%, close to Ontario’s total (43%), 10 ridings (1/4) exceeded Ontario’s turnout, with Oakville leading the way list with 50%.

• 40 of these ridings received 2,008 live calls answered by voters, or 84% of TCVM’s total.

• 18 of these exchanges recorded 4,641 doors knocked, 3/4 (73%) of TCMV’s total.

Director Umair Ashraf said: “Many Muslim voters have understood that our votes matter. They voted early with TCMV’s Muslim Voting Weekends or Election Day. However, party platforms have not sufficiently engaged Muslim voters by fully addressing their concerns and therefore our participation has even more potential.

A table with the list of constituencies where Muslim voters exceed or are very close to exceeding the margin of victory follows, sorted in descending order of the difference between the number of Muslim voters and the preliminary margin of victory.

About the Muslim-Canadian vote:

The Canadian-Muslim Vote was founded in 2015 to mobilize the approximately 800,000 Muslim voters across Canada at all levels of government in a non-partisan way and is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. In the 2022 Ontario election, TCMV’s campaign involved 150 mosques from Ottawa to Thunder Bay targeting 3 points of contact per mobilized voter, including over 20,000 flyers distributed, 5,000 voters phoned live, over 6,000 doors were knocked and over 7,000 text messages were sent.

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