The Organization | Creative Deck Profile: Neos Space Wingman with Elemental HERO, ft POTE Support


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Strategy Summary:

Welcome to my new profile, this time centered around the new Elemental HERO/Neo-Spacian support which is included as a marquee theme in Power of the Elements. The HERO archetype has always been split into many different sub-archetypes, but pretty much each revolves around Fusion Summoning boss monsters. This is especially true for the E-HEROs, originally a group of normal monsters that later branched out very quickly. Bustinatrice, elemental HERO and Bird, Elemental HERO take center stage in this construction, because Flame Winger, Elemental HERO is now an essential part of Elemental HERO Neos variants. This is entirely due to the new Winger Shining Neos, Elemental HERO (YGOrg translation), a level 8 fusion that destroys cards your opponent controls up to the number of different attributes on the field. Additionally, it retains Wingman’s effect to deal burn damage, a common trait shared by the other new EHERO Fusion, Awaken your elemental hero (YGOrg translation). Both of these monsters require a lot of setup to be fusion summoned, so let’s talk about how we’ll get there.

The first is Polymerization. While the HERO and Neos versions in particular already have a ton of specialized fusion spells, E-HEROs have always had a soft spot for this OG Fusion option. Even the new Spirit of Neos, Elemental HERO (YGOrg translation) can stake it, but you’re more likely to grab it from the bridge with the help of EN – Engage Neo Space(YGOrg translation). This new Spell card sends a Neo-Spacian and an E-HERO to the Graveyard, 1 from the Deck and 1 from the hand, to Special Summon a Level 5 or higher Neo-Spacian or E-HERO from the deck, then tutors it. a Polymerization. While this locks you into Fusions for the turn it’s used, it’s a powerful starter that gives the Neos sub-archetype something to play for. Another new card that improves consistency is guardian of the cross (YGOrg translation), a Level 2 Warrior who can be discarded to Special Summon an E-HERO or Neo-Spacian from your hand or Graveyard, and allows you to draw 2 cards while banishing from the Graveyard each time you Fusion Summon an E -HERO. Combine this with Miracle Fusion, miraculous contactand instant contact (YGOrg translation) to have even more access to Fusion monsters, and you have a recipe for a lot of summons, for bosses that range from Sunrise, Elemental HERO to boost your entire board and deliver more card destruction to Elemental HERO Grandmerge which can be used to sneak Nebula Neos, Elemental HERO. Finally, since we use both neo-spacers and neos, why not release some of the OG Neos fusions, then Great Neos, Elemental HERO and Elemental HERO Aqua Neos also appear here. Crossing this archetype of Merge completed (YGOrg translation) in a EN Wave (YGOrg translation) that leads to everyone Favorite contact (YGOrg translation) Awaken your elemental hero!!!

Decklist provided:

Monsters: 19
|| Elemental HERO Neos
| Elemental HERO Burstinatrix
| Bird, Elemental HERO
| Spirit of Neos, Elemental HERO
| Faris, Hero of Vision
| Wicked HERO Adjusted Gold
| Elemental HERO Stratos
| Elemental HERO Liquid Soldier
| Shadow Mist, Elemental HERO
| Vision HERO Vyon
| Vision HERO Increase
| Great Neo-Space Mole
| Neo-Space dolphin
|| king of the swamp
||| Guardian of the Cross

Spells: 23
||| E – Emergency call
| dark call
|| instant contact
||| Polymerization
| Army reinforcement
||| miraculous contact
|| Miracle Fusion
|| O – Oversoul
||| EN – Engage Neo Space
| senseless burial
| Merge complete
| EN Wave

Trap: 1
| Favorite contact

Additional bridge:
| Awaken your elemental hero
| Nebula Neos, Elemental HERO
| Winger Shining Neos, Elemental HERO
| Malicious Scourge, Evil HERO
| Elemental HERO The Shining
| Absolute Zero Elemental HERO
| Great Neos, Elemental HERO
| Elemental HERO Aqua Neos
| Elemental HERO Brave Neos
|| Sunrise, Elemental HERO
| Flame Winger, Elemental HERO
| Elemental HERO Grandmerge
| Driver Xtra HERO Wonder
| Xtra HERO Infernal Devicer

To note: This continues the style of Creative Deck Profile articles, designed to present a build through replays and an attached summary. If you’d like to see a CDP for an archetype, theme, or strategy you like, feel free to private message me on the YGOrg Discord server, the comment section of any of my YouTube videos, or simply post a comment in response to this article on our Facebook page with your takeaways! On most YGO related communities, my username is Quincymccoy, so feel free to contact me. Requested profiles currently on hold include: Danger!, Star Warrior, Dual Avatar, Blackwing, Prank-Kids, Wight.



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