TCDD to recruit 180 train organization workers

TCDD Worker Recruitment

Applications to TCDD for the recruitment of 180 railway workers will be made through “İŞKUR”. The application deadline is March 11, 2022.

180 train formation workers will be recruited as permanent workers at the workplaces of the General Directorate of Railways of the Republic of Turkey.

Labor requests will be published in İŞKUR between 07.03.2022 and 11.03.2022

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From the General Directorate of Turkish Railways:


180 train formation workers will be recruited as permanent workers at the workplaces of the General Directorate of Railways of the Republic of Turkey.

Work applications will be published in İŞKUR between 07.03.2022 and 11.03.2022

4- On the date of the announcement, candidates must not have reached the age of 31.

5- Applicants who have graduated from the associate degree program advertised in our workforce application will be eligible to apply.

6- Candidates in the final list sent by İŞKUR after applying to our advertised labor demand; The TCDD website under the Human Resources Department of TCDD Enterprise Branch ( will deliver in person or by courier between the dates to be announced in the announcement section. The documents submitted will be verified.

A report will be made on applicants who apply with missing documents or who do not meet the conditions specified in the advertisement, and İŞKUR will be informed that their application has not been accepted.

Required documents;

– The original of the identity document will be presented on delivery,

– Criminal record with TR ID number (from Public Ministry or with e-Government password ​​address) will be received. Those with a criminal record will bring court decisions regarding decisions in the criminal record.

– Copy of education document (Field/branch will be specified in education document.) or with password e-Government ​​Barcode Graduation Certificate of

– Certificate of military status (The document they will bring will indicate that they are released, suspended, paid or exempted),

– Residence document and other address obtained from ​​with e-Government password

– KPSS result document (declaration date of 26.11.2020),

– The job application information form posted in the announcements section of the TCDD website ( will be submitted as signed and completed with a blue ballpoint pen.

7- All announcements concerning the request for labor (conditions sought, date/place of delivery of the document, date/place of the oral exam, result of the oral exam) will be published in the announcements section of the site TCDD website (

8- At the oral examination of the candidates by the members of the examination jury; Self-confidence is 10 points, written communication is 10 points, verbal communication is 10 points, observation-stress-problem-solving abilities are 10 points and 10 points in application area, out of 50 points in the field of competence,

The vocational term related to the school they graduated from will be assessed on 1 point, 10 questions on 1 points in the vocational construction material, 10 questions on 2 points in the technical subjects, 15 points in the vocational field, a total of 50 stitches.

As a result of the assessment, 50% of the average mark given by the examination board members and 50% of the KPSS mark will be taken and the passing mark and ranking will be determined.

From the candidate with the highest pass score, the number of original candidates and the same number of replacement candidates will be determined based on the number of workers requested.

9- Among the candidates who will be hired as railway workers at the end of the oral test;

A drug and stimulant substance analysis report will be requested from the laboratory/hospital authorized by the Ministry of Health.

According to the regulations on railway safety critical missions, group A, health conditions; On the TCDD website, which is authorized to publish a Board of Health Report for Rail Safety Critical Mission Personnel ( Board of Health Report with signature of 8 doctors (8 branches; ophthalmology, otolaryngology, internal medicine, neurology, general surgery, psychiatry, cardiology, orthopedics and traumatology) will be requested from one of the published hospitals.

Matters to be included in the Board of Health report;

Eye vision strengths are specified separately for right and left eyes,

The color inspection test (Ishihara) has been carried out,

A hearing test must be performed (during an audiometric test, the average of pure tones of 500, 1000, 2000 frequencies must be between 0 and 35 dB.) And must be indicated in the audiometry graph.

Applicant board of health reports that do not contain the phrase “A group is working in safety-critical tasks” and board of health reports that do not have eye exam assessment results/ hearing will not be assessed.

-In accordance with the TCDD Health and Psychotechnical Directive; The Board of Health Report received by applicants for Group Identification and Psychotechnical Assessment will be evaluated by Group Identifiers.

Candidates with suitable groups will be sent for a psychotechnical evaluation. The recruitment process for candidates whose group is unsuitable will be completed and replacement candidates, if any, will be called. Following the psychotechnical evaluation, the candidate deemed sufficient will be appointed. The candidate deemed unsatisfactory will be sent for a second psychotechnical evaluation at least 30 days later. The recruitment process for the candidate deemed unsuitable for the second time will be completed and a replacement candidate, if any, will be called.

10- The workers of the railway establishment to be employed will be subject to Labor Law No. 4857.

11- The trial period for trainees is 4 months and the employment contract of those who fail during the trial period will be terminated.

12- Establishment of train Workers who enter into activity will work for at least 5 years and cannot request a transfer during this period. Those who have completed 5 years will be able to request a transfer to places of work with train staff.

13- Establishment of the train Workers who start work will be able to work day and night on a 24-hour basis in shifts.

14- Those who started working as a railway organization worker and whose employment contract was terminated within 7 years in accordance with the second paragraph of article 4857 of the Labor Law No. 25 and those who left by resignation; their education, course, internship, etc. % of the amount will be taken back as compensation by calculating the cost of the training program with the fees they receive during the training programs.


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