Svensson supports a local organization that grows food for the community


What is your role at Bulb and how long have you been there?
I started my role as an agricultural mentor in August 2021. The Bulb officially partnered with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools at Garinger High School in July 2021, and during that time I was interning for my horticulture degree at Central Piedmont Community College with The Bulbs mobile markets and other farms located in Concord.

What are your main responsibilities within the Bulb?
My main responsibilities at The Bulb are to plan, grow and harvest healthy vegetables and fruits for our mobile markets. I manage our one acre farm with 16 plots and a large greenhouse. My comprehensive duties include propagating plants from seed, transplanting and maintaining water, fertilizing and controlling weeds in the plots. I also welcome volunteers of all ages and sizes. Other duties include seeking and asking for donations and assistance and helping where I can with markets and food rescues.

What crops do you grow at Bulbe?
The Bulb has a list of the top 20 fruits and vegetables that the community has been asking for. The farm has successfully grown peppers, bok choy, broccoli, cucumbers and tomatoes. Sweet potatoes, collards, spinach and root vegetables are planned for fall.


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