Storage and organization solutions for small kitchens


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Anyone who has ever lived in a small apartment knows that space is a precious commodity. That’s because when your kitchen is small, every inch counts – and the more space you free up, the bigger your space will seem. Along with ridding your kitchen of unnecessary clutter, a smart strategy is to be intentional about what you bring into your space. Ask yourself, “Do I need this? Does it work for my way of cooking and living? How will I use this item and where will I store it? »

Being realistic with these answers will help you make thoughtful choices about your kitchen design, which will ultimately help your kitchen feel bigger than it is. Right-sized storage, bright dinnerware, and clever space-saving items can transform a small kitchen in both practical and aesthetic ways. So not only can you maximize space and cook more efficiently, but you can also make your kitchen more attractive. cohesive. And who doesn’t want that?

Read on for 10 super smart swaps and upgrades that can make a tiny kitchen look spacious and welcoming.


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