Role of HR in realizing an organization’s vision


The main objective of a company is to earn profit, increase its market share and gain global recognition.

HR has a responsibility to ensure that employees express a company’s vision, mission, and values ​​through clear communication with employees.

Qualities of good vision

1. Resilient

An HR must create an ecosystem that allows employees to embrace innovation and risk-taking without fear of failure. It must support political, technological and cultural changes.

2. Inclusive

A shared vision boosts employee morale for maximum results. It is a difficult but doable task. Mission performance begins and ends with people.

“People want to work with people who want to believe in what they believe in. It shouldn’t discriminate based on age, profession, disability, gender, tribe, race or ethnicity. religion,” says Victor Chesang, human resources professional at Sovereign Group Ltd.

A vision should be embedded in some guiding principles.

“I was in Tanzania last time and had an interesting vision of a phone repair company talking about being number one in the world. And I was wondering what the agreed parameters, timeline and targets were ? ” he adds.

3. Service oriented

A service-oriented company’s vision should have the ability to anticipate, recognize and respond to employee needs even before the needs are formulated.

In business, there is always a contributor and a benefactor. The primary benefactor of a company’s vision should be someone other than the contributor. This means that someone else in the community could benefit from corporate social responsibility.

A mission statement clarifies what the company wants to achieve, who it wants to support, and why it wants to support them. On the other hand, a vision statement describes where the company wants a community, or the world, to be as a result of the company’s services.

A vision statement is a business document that sets out the current and future goals of an organization. A corporate vision statement aligns with its mission, strategic planning, culture and core values. A vision statement is used in businesses and government offices to define strategic goals.

How HR Fulfills Organizational Goals and Objectives


HR managers ensure that the company is properly staffed to attract the right human resources needed. This involves identifying organizational structures and the type of contracts assigned to each group of employees. The right people are recruited and trained. HR managers compete in the marketplace to acquire the best talent to absorb to help achieve organizational goals and objectives such as profitability.

Increase employee performance

HR managers must ensure that employees are motivated in order to maximize their performance. They motivate employees through various techniques such as promotion, salary increase, company cars and many other factors.

HR managers also help discipline errant workers if they engage in misconduct.

Change management

Change may involve reorganizing operations or hiring new people to fill certain positions. Other times, change occurs to change attitudes and organizational norms. HR managers inform employees of upcoming changes. For example, when installing new computers, the company will train employees in computer skills.

Efficient Administration

HR managers maintain accurate employee data. This data includes employee performance reports, terms of employment, training and attendance records, and personal data. Record keeping is important as a requirement of national minimum wage regulations.


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