Private non-profit organization expands mental health services at ENC


GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – A new mental health service is growing in eastern North Carolina. The program is part of Youth Villages, a private non-profit group that helps children and families.

Intercept is the name of the new program. Intercept offers intensive in-home services to children from birth to 18 years old, with the goal of bringing families closer together.

The Youth Villages Intercept program extends its services to Pitt, Beaufort, Craven and Martin counties.

“It all started in these particular counties through our partnership with Trillium Mental Health Resources. said Kristy Moore, the Greenville Youth Villages Regional Supervisor. “Our partnership with them has allowed us to offer this program. These are just counties in which we already have connections, so we thought it would be easier to start there.

Moore says Intercept’s services all start with a referral.

“We take referrals from anyone, it can be family members, but most of our referrals are from the Department of Human Services, Department of Juvenile Justice or other mental health providers in the city. area,” Moore said. “But often families call us and say, ‘I need help, I’m really struggling,’ so referrals can really come from anywhere.”

State clinical director Sierra Kehoe said Intercept works with behavioral disturbances in settings such as school and home.

“We involve the whole family unit,” Kehoe said. “So we’re not just working one-on-one with the child, but teaching the parents skills, like a parent-coach.”

Kehoe also added that they are doing everything possible to prevent the child from being placed.

“We’re really looking to help kids not go into a placement where they’re taken out of the home for a period of time or go into another type of school placement that will be more of an alternative setting,” Kehoe said.

For more information on youth villages and the Intercept program, click here.


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