Ozarks Transportation Organization Invites Feedback on Sidewalks and On-Street Bike and Pedestrian Lanes


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The Ozarks Transportation Organization is seeking feedback on adopting a bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure plan to allow more travel throughout the community without a car.

The board of directors of the Ozarks Transport Organization is considering adopting a regional trail plan connecting communities to hiking and biking trails. The objective is to integrate hard-surface trails creating a network with the network of nature trails.

“To have a clearly defined goal in terms of associating our local system with some of our regional trail planning exercises that we have carried out and to identify this network of trails that will connect our communities, sets out a vision of a community that you can really get around anywhere by walking a bike, ”said senior planner Andy Thompson.

The plan includes the creation of a trail system connecting Greene and Christian counties. The plan includes the structure of the pedestrian network, the connection of the trails with the existing trail network and the funding. The trails will provide safer travel for pedestrians and cyclists between communities.

“Some of the safety figures in the Ozarks have not moved in the right direction when it comes to bicycle and pedestrian accidents, fatalities and serious injuries,” Thompson said. “There is a real need right now to find solutions and find ways to somehow improve the situation in the Ozarks. “

In the Statement of Priorities, there is a detailed description of the structure of the trail network and the ways it will connect to the existing trail network. The new system will be funded by local communities and MoDOT.

“The regional trail system is very complementary to the local cycling and walking networks,” said Thompson. “Having something where you can move along main roads, where you can move around neighborhoods and trails safely. Having all of these connections will provide safe ways to travel throughout your community. “

Public comments on the plan are open until January 19.

To see the full statement of priorities for sidewalks and on-street cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, click HERE.

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