Organization helps Ukrainian refugees start a new life in Israel


“The situation is better now in Israel, because in kyiv my house is destroyed”

More than 6,000 Jewish refugees from Ukraine are exercising Israel’s “Law of Return” to become citizens, and an organization is helping these immigrants rebuild the life they left behind in a new land.

CEO Nehama Levi is working to help these immigrants adjust to their new lives through the ALYNU organization – an initiative that helps newcomers integrate into Israeli society.

Although the focus of the ALYNU organization was initially to help new immigrants from the United States, Levi now works with a large number of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

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She said i24NEWS that, faced with the struggles of a new life, “a large percentage” of Jewish immigrants from the United States eventually leave Israel – but that is not a possibility for Ukrainian refugees.

“Ukrainians are coming, many of them… [are professionals] like Americans, but they don’t have ‘a place to return to,’ Levi said i24NEWS.

“So I don’t see it as an option, I see it as an obligation,” the CEO added.

Masha, a new arrival helped by the organization ALYNU, is an 11-year-old girl who fled Ukraine with her mother. She is already attending a new school in Israel.

Although her old friends are waiting to return to Ukraine, Masha sees a brighter future in a new country.

“The situation is better now in Israel, because in kyiv my house is destroyed,” she said. i24NEWS.

“There is nothing left for me there.”


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