Organization created in southern Italy against labor exploitation


An organization has been created in the city of Caserta, in southern Italy, to fight against labor exploitation in agriculture. It will collect reports and encourage initiatives for the protection of workers.

A new organization has been created in the office of the prefect of the city of Caserta, in southern Italy, to fight against labor exploitation, in particular against the exploitation of undocumented migrant agricultural workers. It will monitor the agricultural sector and encourage worker protection initiatives, in accordance with a memorandum of understanding signed on July 14 by the Italian ministries of interior, labor and agricultural policies as well as local authorities.

The announcement was made during a plenary session chaired by the prefect Giuseppe Castaldo of the Territorial Council for Immigration, in which representatives of the prosecutor’s offices, the National Institute of Social Security, trade unions and the local health authority, among others.

During the meeting, intervention guidelines were developed which the organization is preparing to implement in the coming months.

Database with farms that exploit migrants

Among the planned measures is a database that collects all reports of labor exploitation, which is supposed to be created by the personnel of the security forces and the territorial labor inspectorate.

The Caserta branch of the INPS National Social Security Institute is said to have already launched a list of “quality agricultural companies” which will include companies that do not engage in farming. The INPS has planned meetings to develop common measures and incentives as well as training for companies.

Prefect Castaldo welcomed the “efforts made for years by institutional bodies, unions and unions of employers in the tertiary sector to counter [labor exploitation] in an area like Caserta, which is high risk.”


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