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“Homes for Our Troops” is building a veteran, Timothy Kramer, a new home in Scottsbluff, NE.

Iraqi veteran Timothy Kramer, who suffers from physical trauma, now lives with his wife, three daughters and son in Scottsbluff, NE.

Although his life has become difficult due to the injuries he received in battle. The Homes for our Troops organization is doing its part to help make life easier for Kramers.

Army Staff Sergeant Timothy Kramer was on his second deployment to Iraq when his unit encountered enemy fire and his vehicle knocked over an improvised explosive device.

“He threw me about 70 feet from the truck,” Kramer said.

Kramer woke up in the medical tent with a traumatic brain injury. He remained for the remainder of his deployment.

When Kramer returned to the United States in 2009, he suffered a stroke, resulting in the loss of use of his left hand and foot, hearing loss, seizures, and headaches.

After Kramer’s stroke, his daily life became very difficult.

Kramer spent months in rehab and physical therapy working hard to get better. Kramer still has to get around using a wheeled chair. Kramer struggles to fit the chair in the hallways and through the doors of his house.

His chair doesn’t fit in his daughter’s room, so he can’t tuck them in at night.

“I’m constantly slamming doors, can’t even get into my two daughters rooms with the chair, so it’s a struggle, constantly,” Kramer says.

The organization “Homes for our Troops” is building a new, specially adapted house for Kramer and his family. His house is the first of the organizations in Nebraska. The City of Scottsbluff is ready and thrilled to welcome Timothy Kramer home.

Kramer’s new home will help him regain his independence with automatic doors, large open spaces and drop-down shelves.

His new home will be in the Lake Minatare area where he grew up and currently lives. It will take an average of 6-9 months to build the house, with more to come when it is finally finished.


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