Non-profit organization DeKalb provides shoes to those in need


The free shoe closet is by appointment only but allows drop off at any time.

DeKALB — The Free Shoe Closet, 601 Haish Blvd, is a non-profit organization that provides shoes to anyone in need. Its mission is to be there for the community and to help people in need.

They opened last summer and recently moved this month. The free shoe closet works in a garage, courtesy of Kayilae Ramirez.

DeKalb’s Free Shoe Closet was started by Khrysty McWhorter but is now run by Kayilae Ramirez.

“Khrysty has partnered with a company that takes shoes that aren’t wearable and recycles them to donate to those in need,” Ramirez said. “She’s the most generous person I know, and I think she really took that to heart, which led to her creating her own free shoe closet here at DeKalb. It kind of happened. to Khrysty.

Ramirez said McWhorter steps in when she sees someone who needs help and is constantly looking for ways to improve the area she lives in.

At The Free Shoe Closet, no shoe gets lost. The Free Shoe Closet works directly with the community to ensure that all shoes find a purpose, whether that means recycling them or finding them a new home. Every shoe is approved and used.

“We accept shoes whenever the sun is shining,” Ramirez said. “Usually 8am to 8pm but we are very flexible.”

Bins are still outside and still accepting donations. People can deliver their old shoes contactless or by making an appointment with Ramirez at a convenient time to drop them off.

The shoe donation process is very simple. There are bins outside the garage 24/7 for people to donate any type of shoes.

“No shoe is bad,” Ramirez said. “We generally like to follow the season so that people who need shoes can find what they need; however, we accept all shoes.

To ensure that every shoe has a purpose, Ramirez sorts shoes, cleans them, replaces worn laces, makes them as new and clean as possible.

“Every shoe donated to The Free Shoe Closet will have a purpose. I will recycle them or find them a new home,” Ramirez said.

There is no qualifying process to receive free shoes or make an appointment. The Free Shoe Closet keeps the process entirely anonymous and does not store or disclose any information about the person receiving the shoes. Everyone qualifies.

To make an appointment with The Free Shoe Closet, send them a message on their Facebook page and program a time. To donate shoes, drop them in the bins provided outside the garage at 601 Haish Blvd.


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