NDSU Soil Scientist Elected to World Soil Science Organization


(NDAGCONNECTION) – Abbey Wick, an associate professor at North Dakota State University (NDSU) and a soil health specialist, has been elected chair of the Soil Use and Management Division of the International Union of Sciences (IUSS), a scientific organization composed of soil experts. scientists around the world.

She will serve a four-year term starting in August at the World Congress of Soil Science (WCSS) to be held in Glasgow, UK. The WCSS brings together soil scientists from around the world to discuss soil problems, exchange knowledge and find solutions to current problems.

As Chair of the Land Use and Management Division, Wick will lead a team of 12 internationally renowned soil scientists from 10 different countries serving as chairs or vice chairs of the division’s six commissions. The division’s goal is to apply soil science to solve high priority social, economic and environmental problems. The team will identify globally relevant topics and coordinate sessions related to land use and management at the next WCSS. Topics will cover agricultural production, forestry, rangelands and the broader environmental context.

Wick’s top priority is to connect global efforts related to soil management.

“Whether it’s finding similarities or differences, there’s always something to learn and share,” says Wick.

Other scientists in Wick’s division come from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, India, Japan, Norway, Poland and Spain. Wick is the only United States representative in this division.

She also looks forward to supporting the scientific community globally.

“Being in an outreach and outreach role at NDSU, I want to bring some of these programming skills to the scientific community and work with other members of the division to better facilitate the sharing of exceptional research within the community. science and with the public,” says Mèche.

“Dr. Wick’s appointment as President of the Soil Use and Management Division underscores her success as a world-renowned expert in soil health and delivering outstanding educational programs to agricultural producers. and land managers,” said Greg Lardy, vice president of agricultural affairs at NDSU.


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