NBA All Star Ben Simmons Joins Crypto NFT eSports Organization Perion DAO as Exclusive Partner and Ambassador


Following a successful private financing round, Perion – a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) founded to leverage gaming to earn NFT gaming capabilities – is thrilled to announce that NBA player and avid gamer Ben Simmons has joined as a strategic advisor and ambassador. Simmons will partner with Perion to bring a new element to engaging players and continue to increase in-game cultural impact to gain space.

As an NFT gaming organization, Perion leverages gaming to earn from the gaming economy to acquire in-game NFT assets – renting them out to deserving, underfunded gamers who have exceptional gaming skills – enabling them to access higher returns for their skills and activities. A competitive gamer himself, Simmons will use Perion’s legacy structure and expertise to reach a previously untapped community of crypto-curious gamers and athletes, helping to deliver the best metaverse assets to underserved gamers, including many use gambling to win games. as their main source of income.

“I’ve always been a gamer and part of the gaming community for years,” Simmons said. “What Perion does is so important when it comes to engaging more people and unleashing the competitive spirit of gamers around the world. Seeing the direction the game is taking, I’m thrilled to partner with Perion to help shape what it can look like for the future of the game to win.

Simmons is the latest elite athlete to enter the emerging Web3 gaming space, following growing interest from athletes, celebrities and mainstream companies like Meta and Microsoft. Simmons’ addition to Perion is a testament to their impact in the gaming community, their importance as DAOs, and their ability to make big waves in the crypto industry.

“Having Ben on the Perion team means a lot to us,” said Amos Whitewolf, co-founder of Perion and former world number one player for Axie. “Ben’s story resonates with a large segment of our community; people from modest backgrounds dedicated to mastering their craft and changing their fortunes. In addition to the already immense talent he brings to the field, he now brings that success to another kind of game – a game that has the potential to impact the masses. Playing to win is fast becoming one of the most vital tools we have seen to improve lives in the developing world.

About Perion
Perion is an NFT eSports team that aspires to fulfill the economic promise of metaverse gaming. Perion leverages economies of scale to acquire in-game assets and then leases them to deserving but underfunded players, allowing them to leverage the benefits of in-game assets and receive superior returns on their business game. Perion seeks to build robust virtual communities built around economic and social values.


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