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Missouri FFA President Kaitlin Kleiboeker said she was inspired to meet with lawmakers and FFA members across the state during her tenure as president.

Photo courtesy Kaitlin Kleiboeker

Farming has been a way of life for Kaitlin Kleiboeker since her earliest memories.

“I grew up on a small family farm just outside of Stotts City,” she says. “I grew up on a diverse crop and livestock farm.”

This farm included corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle, and hogs, which gave him a head start on his supervised farming experience as a member of the Pierce City FFA. This FFA experience led to him being named the state FFA president at the state convention last year.

Kleiboeker says she was drawn to the livestock side of farming.

red calf

Photo courtesy Kaitlin Kleiboeker

showing pigs

Photos courtesy of Kaitlin Kleiboeker

“I was definitely more interested and fell more in love with the animal side,” she says.

She owns a small herd of Simmental cattle and raises pigs. Kleiboeker says she came up with a niche marketing plan raising the pigs for an “all-natural” pork processor, which has pigs raised to specific standards, including without antibiotics. She says she has grown her pig operation from 25 pigs a year to more than 100.

During this journey through production agriculture, Kleiboeker was also on a long journey to state presidency.

“I like to believe that the process really starts at the start of your FFA career,” she says.

After years of high school involvement, including serving as president of the Pierce City chapter, Kleiboeker officially began the process of applying to become an officer of state in the months leading up to last year’s convention.

It was a written request, a letter of recommendation, interviews, presentations made in an improvised way, first at the regional level and then at the state level. There were agricultural knowledge tests, FFA knowledge tests and working with other officer candidates on group presentations.


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