Milestone for a Southern Alberta Non-Profit


The Lethbridge Corridor Victim Services Unit celebrates 25 years as a formal organization, serving individuals and families affected by crime and tragedy.

Lethbridge Corridor Victim Services (LCVS) is a non-profit organization administered by a board of directors and a coordinator. LCVS serves the communities of Lethbridge Rural, Coaldale, Milk River, Picture Butte and Raymond, receiving referrals from the local RCMP detachment.

The role of LCVS is to mitigate the impact of crime / tragedy on its victims. At the time of the incident, they provide listening, reassurance and reassurance by telephone or in person, at the victim’s home or at the hospital.

In cases where a court appearance is required, we contact the witness / victim to provide information about court proceedings and upcoming court dates. LCVS are available to accompany the victim to court.

“We started in southern Alberta in 1991 as a local organization by some members of the community and it grew in 1995 to be a not-for-profit organization incorporated in conjunction with the RCMP. we receive. We also receive referrals from the Crown, community organizations and community members and citizens can refer themselves in contact, in person, ”said program director Adonus Arlett.

Arlett added with RCMP recognition, the Coaldale Kinsmen are helping with a donation of $ 5,000 to build a new video and audio space for victims in the new RCMP detachment in Coaldale

“We can provide court support services from our office if the Crown and the judge allow it, so that a victim does not have to go to and attend the courthouse from the security of our office. ”

LCVS hopes that the new room will be operational by next month.

LCVS also added that they are looking for volunteers who can share their sincere desire to help others in times of crisis and who have strong communication skills, including the need to maintain confidentiality.

Frontline volunteers, called advocates, are trained in many areas, including victim rights, crisis intervention, communications, police procedures, court referral, and Solicitor General programs. Fully trained attorneys receive Solicitor General certification through online learning and face-to-face training opportunities. This service, which provides 24-hour assistance, is offered by responding to crisis calls received by the RCMP.

LCVS provides resources, materials, and information on Solicitor General programs available to victims of crime, such as financial benefits, victim impact statements, and restitution programs.

For more information on volunteering, contact the Victim Services Coordinator at 403-329-5042 or [email protected]



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