Microsoft Viva Connections improves your organization’s use of Teams and SharePoint Online


For many organizations in the State of California, Microsoft Teams (Teams) and SharePoint Online (SPO) are cornerstones of their organizational collaboration and productivity. Did you know that Microsoft Viva Connections creates a Teams and SPO connection by bringing your SPO home site directly into Teams and creating a unified platform for your users to experience and interact with the best features of both apps?

If leveraging your Microsoft 365 (M365) investment to enable your community to be productive is important to you, implementing Viva Connections will enhance your offering in these important ways:

Build a bridge between your content and your community

SharePoint Online is known as the “content management hub” of M365, and modern features such as integrated news and content rollup have made content production smarter. However, most users probably spend their day interfacing with the powerful communication features of Teams to stay in touch with their colleagues. This means that they may miss important content alive in SPO.

Viva Connections is the bridge that exposes your SPO content to your Teams community. The Connections module displays your home site as an app in the Teams navigation bar, so users interface directly with SPO in Teams alongside working in channels, joining meetings, and connecting. calls. Think of a home site like an intranet or employee portal – Viva Connections makes this employee portal the first thing your users see when they launch Teams at the start of the workday. Best of all, when visiting the home site, users can see familiar navigation and get direct access in Teams to all of their favorite and frequently visited SPO sites, pages, and news using the built-in SharePoint app bar. .

Promote content across M365

The SPO home site is the basis of the Viva Connections module and is not an ordinary SPO site. In fact, a home site has smart features that help you elevate content and target your community with the pieces of information you want to promote and introduce them to that content within Teams.

  • A home site is an authoritative organizational information site. SPO news published from this site receives a special visual indicator and is prioritized wherever it appears. Viva Connections helps see high-impact SPO news in Teams by bringing news from the home site to the top.

  • The home site comes with a dashboard feature that gives employees access to critical information and tools. Using the authoring dashboard, you curate interactive, dynamic, audience-targeted maps that contain or link to content. This means that Viva Connections allows you to highlight and prioritize interactive information and display it to targeted audiences in Teams.

The home site is also equipped with a stream function, which adapts to each user targeted and even scheduled information from SPO News, Yammer and Microsoft Stream on SharePoint. You boost, promote and target information from these sources, and it automatically appears in the Connections feed in the appropriate places. In this way, Viva Connections integrates relevant information directly into Teams from M365 applications such as Yammer and Stream.

Viva Connections is an easy-to-use opportunity – because you already own it! The Connections module is generally available to all customers as part of your existing Microsoft 365 and SharePoint license at no additional cost.

Planet will help you maximize the effectiveness of your Connections implementation with an adoption campaign that includes curatorial training, public communications, community engagement, and end-user skills building activities. We will teach your community to connect and be productive within the Viva Connections space.

Contact Jen Dodd at [email protected] and schedule a discussion to kick-start your Viva Connections implementation.

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