Microsoft Teams finally supports personal email accounts outside your organization


Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft Teams users can now chat with more people outside their organization. Teams already allowed business users to chat with business users in other organizations. A recently announced feature allows business users to message people outside of an organization, even if the other person is using a personal Teams account.

To get started, you can enter the full email address or phone number of the person you’re trying to connect with to start a one-to-one or group chat. Microsoft points out that you don’t need to switch tenants to the message this way, which should streamline communication. If the person you’re trying to connect with isn’t on Teams, they’ll receive an email or text asking them to create a personal account.

Despite the use of the word “personal” in “Teams personal accounts”, many small and medium businesses use these accounts for communication. The new feature for Teams should help business users connect with a wider range of people using Teams for business purposes.

IT administrators can control external access within an organization. The admin center has a few options for Teams accounts that aren’t managed by an organization, both outlined by Microsoft:

  • Outbound chat: Enable/disable organization users to initiate chat with external users of Teams personal accounts (e.g. users who are not invited via Azure AD B2B collaboration). (Enabled by default)

  • Inbound Chat: Enable/disable external users with non-organizationally managed Teams accounts to initiate chat with your users. (Enabled by default)

The new feature is available from today.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a popular communication platform for businesses. Now users can send messages to people outside their organization, even if the other person is using a personal account.

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