MdDAO launches the first decentralized autonomous organization to integrate health, well-being and the metaverse


“MdDAO will address the inherent shortcomings of our current healthcare system, as well as design and build a more personalized approach to health and wellness. Publishing our NFT Membership Levels is the essential first step on our journey to redefining the way we deliver and experience health and wellness.

Membership NFTs, an unprecedented community opportunity to reimagine the future of health and wellness

Los Angeles, California – April 20, 2022 – MdDAO, an organization formed through the collaboration of health consumers and experts in medicine, business and technology, announces the launch of the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) focused on health, well -being and the metaverse. Exclusive memberships are offered as NFTs with associated governance benefits and a full list of exclusive benefits and VIP privileges. Community members have the unique opportunity to contribute and vote on key aspects of the design, functionality, and direction of the first decentralized health and wellness metaverse. NFTs have been discontinued and are now available for purchase at

“Our vision is to develop a platform where healthcare consumers and healthcare professionals can interact and collectively reimagine the future of healthcare in the metaverse. How can we gain real insight into the health care experience and how can this translate into better access to care, engagement, and health equity? said Arabian Prince, one of the founding members of MdDAO. “By leveraging a DAO, we will be able to harness the collective knowledge and innovative thinking of medical experts, healthcare professionals, patients and individual users. MdDAO will address the inherent gaps in our current healthcare system, as well as designing and building a more personalized approach to health and wellness Publishing our NFT Membership Levels is the essential first step on our journey to redefining the way we deliver and experience health and wellness. This is a pivotal moment. Join us in reinventing the future of health and well-being!

“We are extremely excited to partner with MdDAO to revolutionize healthcare and the medical industry by bringing health and wellness into the metaverse and directly to the consumer,” said Dr. Chanita Hughes Halbert, Vice President of Research and Associate Director for Cancer Equity at USC. . “This community-led process will ensure that all DAO participants have the opportunity to have their voices heard, creating a more accurate reflection of the true needs and aspirations of the community as a whole.”

“MdDAO will remove barriers to a healthier life – including the inconvenience, discomfort and lack of support of modern medicine for the whole person,” remarked Gregory Weiss, professor in the Departments of Chemistry, molecular biology and biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences at the University of California, Irvine. “Such barriers prevent too many people, especially people from marginalized communities, from benefiting from the latest scientific and medical advances. Additionally, bringing scientists like me into the metaverse can guide people toward maximizing their health and lifestyle by validating and encouraging evidence-based best practices.

“Our partnership and integration with the MdDAO project enables us to provide care without walls, boundaries and barriers,” noted Hoang Nhu, Founder and CEO of Nouslogic Telehealth, an entity dedicated to the principle that health and well-being being are best provided at home.

MdDAO will update its community and marketplace with regular announcements throughout 2022.

About MdDAO

Founded in 2021, MdDAO was born from the collaborative initiative of individuals who combine a set of diverse and complementary expertise in the fields of health, marketing and technology. Through the collective efforts and vision of the MdDAO community, it will design and build the first health and wellness metaverse, improving access to care, opening doors for innovation and leveling the playing field. of play. Opportunities for ideas and discoveries in the field of health and well-being will emerge from this democratic process. Transactions on the MdDAO-derived metaverse, as decided by the DAO, will include, but not be limited to, virtual property, events, and services. A medical utility token (MedV) will serve as the preferred transactional token on the metaverse. It will be complemented by a “healthy habits” rewards program to drive adoption in the virtual and physical worlds. This unique interaction between the MedV token with health, wellness and the metaverse will move healthcare towards an enhanced patient-centric interaction and open the door to a multidimensional experience.

MdDAO is a registered trademark of MyMedV, Inc.

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