Manitowoc organization needs immediate help to help Ukraine


The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine captured the world’s attention, but more specifically, Lakeshore people asked, “What can we do to help the Ukrainians?”

There is an opportunity to help and the deadline for contributing articles is this Saturday.

Stanislava Varshavski, a Ukrainian-born Manitowoc County resident, spoke to Seehafer News on Thursday about an effort the Holy Family Conservatory of Music is undertaking this weekend to help provide direct medical aid to the Ukraine.

“There is an organization that collects donations, medical donations at this point. They will send all contributions on March 14 in Chicago. From Chicago he will go to Poland. She added, “We have already placed a box at the Holy Family Music Conservatory.”

She says they need your help to provide medical supplies to Ukrainians who would otherwise go without.

Even the money that is donated is used to buy essential medical items that can no longer be purchased in Ukraine as shops and markets have closed:

“They collect money not for sending to Ukraine, but for sending the goods to Ukraine because currently nobody can buy anything in Ukraine. Right now they need real stuff…it’s medical stuff, for now.

Items must be dropped off by Saturday. They will be accepted at the Holy Family Conservatory of Music at 6751 Calumet Ave.

Varshavski noted that a full list of 31 needed items can be found on the conservatory’s Facebook page at

She ended the conversation with a final plea.

“Please consider donating. Anything helps. Thank you very much.”


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