Job: Culinary Chef at the Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organization (WEWE)



He/she will be responsible for the preparation and presentation of meals and dishes to meet the requirements or orders placed by the staff.
The chef will specialize in the preparation of specific meals such as salads, desserts and pastries for staff and meetings
The chef determines the amount of food that will be needed in a given amount of time.
It will also make adjustments to the menu based on food availability or the current season.
He will regularly clean and disinfect work equipment such as fryers and various kitchen surfaces.
He/she will agree to work at odd hours, such as very early in the morning to prepare meals for the day, and clean up after the work day.
He will ensure that the kitchen is well organized at all times.
It will ensure that food is prepared as quickly as possible and that a standard level of taste is maintained.
He/she will keep records, place necessary orders and ensure food safety standards are met.
He/she will ensure that it adheres to all set standards
The chef will always initiate new ideas whether in cooking methods or in service delivery.
He/she will organize a training for a group of people on catering service from time to time
He/she will also cook for official meetings

Qualifications, skills and experience

Culinary and hotel management degree or equivalent in social sciences or related fields
A minimum of one (1) year of professional experience in catering

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