Israeli organization helps injured veterans rebuild their lives


Belev Echad, a nonprofit that supports injured security forces in Israel, helps former combatants rebuild their lives after suffering violence.

Raz Bibi, a former law enforcement officer who was injured while serving in the Israel Police, spoke to i24NEWS about how the organization helped him after he was stabbed by a terrorist .

“It’s an organization that has been with us since the beginning – when we were still in the hospital. They supported us through every step,” Bibi said. i24NEWS.

The former police officer explained that the association had helped him to treat his shoulder injury, but also to find employment and educational opportunities.

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Belev Echad further aims to help those suffering from the psychological impact of their assaults – a pressing issue at this time of year for troops suffering from mental trauma.

For many injured veterans, the recent wave of violence across Israel brings back painful memories of their attacks, so the organization took these patients on holiday abroad to help them.

“We were able to bring 12 seriously injured soldiers on a trip to Miami during this time… just to breathe and forget about what is happening in Israel,” said Rabbi Uriel Vigler, the founder of Belev Ehad. i24NEWS.

“We gave them the most luxurious items Miami has to offer, from jet skis to 90-foot yachts, Ferraris, Rolls Royces, and anything else you could think of,” he said. he declares.

“Most importantly, the community showered them with love…because it’s the best therapy.


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