Israel representative at the UN: this organization “erases Jewish history”


Israel’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, criticized the body on Monday for commemorating the anniversary of the 1947 partition plan vote with an event held in solidarity with the Palestinians.

The plan, known as Resolution 181, called for dividing the region of British Mandate Palestine into two states – a Jew and an Arab.

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In 1947, the United Nations General Assembly approved the resolution, which was accepted by the Jewish population of the mandate, but rejected by the Arabs.

“Israel accepted this partition plan … the Palestinians and the Arab countries rejected it and tried to destroy us,” Erdan said in a video message marking the occasion on his Twitter page.

“They also persecuted, massacred and ultimately expelled Jewish communities from their own country. Surprisingly, this atrocity is completely… ignored by the UN.

Erdan is teaming up with the World Jewish Congress on a campaign to promote the stories of these refugees, with trucks broadcasting messages around New York City saying “Don’t erase Jewish history.”

The official denounced the international organization for having organized a solidarity event “to mark the anniversary of the Palestinians’ own decision to choose violence”.

“The UN erases Jewish history and distorts the truth,” he argued.

Erdan also criticized the entity for promoting a Palestinian “right of return”, a demand for millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to the lands of their ancestors in what is now Israel. ‘today.


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