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EL DORADO – People can help Ukrainian refugees through Numana’s Meal Prep Events and their international distribution partners. Here’s how individuals, businesses, churches and other groups can help:

  • Give to Numana Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Response Fund to pay for the meals that will be packaged for distribution. You can finance a box of 216 meals for just $85.
  • Host a private event, pack the meals you pay for. Ideal for families and small groups. Call us at (316) 452-5445.
  • Host a meal prep event (see below). Call us at (316) 452-5445 or fill out a form at

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How a Meal Prep Event Works

Businesses, churches, families and friends can host a meal prep event either at their location or at the El Dorado de Numana building. Numana organizes the event with you and we can work with different group sizes, volunteer ages, skill types and durations.

At a meal-packing event, individuals prepare a simple meal consisting of dry rice, soy protein, freeze-dried pinto beans, and a mix of vitamins and minerals. Individuals measure ingredients, put them into meal bags, weigh and seal the bags, and package the finished product. In about an hour, 10 people can prepare 1,600 meals. Numana’s distribution partners will transport the packed meal boxes to their European partners for distribution to Ukrainian refugees.

Numana is an international non-profit hunger relief organization based in El Dorado, KS. Numana empowers people to serve the hungry by hosting hands-on food packaging events across the United States. With the help of hundreds of thousands of volunteers, Numana has packed more than 40 million meals that have served hungry people around the world since 2009. To learn more, go to


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