Mr. Gores said he will work with the city’s parks and recreation department and residents to develop a new 25,000 square foot mixed-use facility adjacent to Brennan Pool. The plan will also renovate existing pool and locker room facilities and bring a diverse lineup of year-round programs to the neighborhood. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

“The facility itself will be the best of its kind and provide residents with a safe space to learn, play and grow,” Gores said. “But more than just a building, we will create a hub that will bring together people from the neighborhood and across the city who want to make a difference in this community.”

Today’s announcement is the first result of an initiative Mr. Gores launched last summer with the Pistons organization to accelerate the impact of his social justice work.

“Before the start of the season, we met with employees from across the organization, including our players and business and basketball operations staff, to discuss meaningful areas where we can contribute to social change,” Mr. Gores said.

An in-house team of executives from community relations, legal and club operations worked with players over several months to identify several key areas of interest including: education, mentorship, professional services , life skills, financial literacy, emotional intelligence for youth. , and food insecurity.

“It was an exciting opportunity to bring our thoughts to the table and not hold back,” the veteran Pistons forward said. Jerami Grant. “We have a lot of life experience in social justice issues and we have a lot of ideas about how to drive change.”

This process, which included field trips to visit different facilities and community organizations in Detroitled to the community center as a way to address multiple priorities.

“We solicited ideas from everyone in the organization: players, coaches, executives, vendors, support staff. It makes for a powerful effort,” the Pistons head coach said. Dwane Casey. “It’s hugely important to our community and Tom has made it an integral area of ​​focus, putting money, resources and infrastructure behind the initiative to make a lasting difference.”

Center of pistons Isaiah Stewart says community centers played an important role when he was young.

“For me, growing up, community centers provided a safe space because after school I always had something to do,” Mr Stewart said. “It got me into boxing, football and eventually basketball, but I was always busy. They can also give adults who have to work peace of mind knowing their kids are in a safe environment. , learn or improve or just have fun.”

City officials said the community of Cody-Rouge suffers from a lack of indoor recreation facilities and is the only current neighborhood in the city without an indoor community center. The new facility will serve a population that includes over 24,000 residents within a 1.5 mile radius.

“When you look at a map of community center locations throughout the city of Detroitit’s been known for a long time that there was a big hole in the Cody-Rouge neighborhood,” said Detroit Mayor mike dugan. “Now, thanks to Tom Gores and the Detroit Pistons, that hole is filled and residents of Cody-Rouge will have a new, first-class indoor facility offering a wide range of activities and spaces for engagement. The new facility and Brennan Pool improvements will make this community center one of the finest Detroit and the region.”

City officials and Pistons representatives will hold community meetings with District 7 residents to solicit feedback from neighborhoods on the amenities and programs they would like to see incorporated into the new center.

Mr. Gores said that in addition to funding the construction, his organization will leverage its connections and intellectual capital to maximize its impact.

“We will bring the full weight of our resources – our basketball business and operations teams, our players, our corporate and community partners, and anyone else who wishes to join the cause. We have more impact when we work together,” Mr. Gores added.

A second phase of the plan will create an enclosed structure around one of the two Olympic-size swimming pools located at the Brennan site, creating year-round access to swimming lessons and water safety classes. The city said this currently unmet need is critical for Detroiters of all ages. The completion of this second phase of the project has not been set.

The Rouge Park project is the latest in a series of recreational and community spaces Mr. Gores has funded in neighborhoods across the city.

In 2019, the Pistons organization rebuilt the outdoor basketball courts at Rouge Park as part of a six-year commitment to rehabilitate 60 courts by 2024. By the end of this summer, 52 courts in 37 parks will have been completed. Mr. Gores helped fund ongoing renovations and programs at the SAY Detroit Play Center in Lipke Park on the city’s east side.

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