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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indiana is home to many people with ties to Ukraine.

It is also the home base of grassroots organization Indiana Supports Ukraine, which was launched just a month ago and collects items for the Ukrainian people. He was also behind several rallies on Monument Circle, denouncing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

One of the group’s founders, Alona Voitko, moved from Ukraine to Indiana when she was 13 years old. Voitko says much of his family is caught up in the unrest in Ukraine.

“I’m from Vinnytsia, which is about four and a half hours southwest of Kyiv,” Voitko said. “So they’re not at the epicenter, but there were a few times pretty close where they see missiles flying.”

Voitko says there was talk for some time that a Russian invasion would happen, but she hoped it wouldn’t. Now, she says, she fears for her pregnant cousin, a family member recently enlisted in the military, and her 96-year-old grandmother.

“She doesn’t go down to the basement to hide anymore because she can’t, physically,” Voitko said. “I don’t think grandma understands the extent of the war because we tried not to tell her anything so it wouldn’t create increased blood pressure and stress.”

Sitting at home in Indiana and watching the war unfold wasn’t enough for Voitko. She needed to act.

Voitko and a friend started a small collection of items for Ukrainians, but it soon grew into so much more. The community reacted by dropping off boxes, then more boxes at Voitko.

“And then Elena, who was another individual co-founder, she said, ‘Let’s make a website. Let’s put it on Facebook’ and it became, in the middle of the war, an organization,” Voitko said.

Voitko asks people to check the organization’s Amazon wishlist, which contains requests for items such as tactical and first aid items.


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