How to set and manage your sports organization’s expectations for young people


Running a youth sports organization is a diverse process. People, coaches and others may expect too much of you. More than planned. So the most important thing is that you build and demonstrate your vision and mission to manage expectations. When people expect too much and don’t know what the goals are, it can be demanding. Therefore, it’s important to get everyone on the same page so that expectations don’t deviate and create disappointment and confusion.

You need to create a process that provides clear objectives, goals and how your organization will operate. Here are some tips and ways to provide structure, so expectations stay in check.

A multi-ethnic group of children play football, while running on a grass pitch, kicking and chasing the ball.

Clear communication

Clear communication is essential to avoid the illusion of expectation. If the communication isn’t clear, people will start having other thoughts and ideas, leading them to guess. Good communication puts everyone on the same page.

Setting goals

Goals are essential to any organizational structure and process. First, make sure everyone understands your plans. This will avoid guesswork and avoid confusion by setting and stating realistic and achievable goals. When goals are not defined or explained, it misleads emotions and thoughts. Make sure your goals relate to and include the parents, the team and the players. Set goals for different categories to facilitate understanding so that each group knows what is expected of you.

Hire good, passionate people

In youth sports programs, look for people who work with children. Also, be sure to check the background to protect the safety of children. Additionally, you must surround yourself with people who have the same vision and the same state of mind as you. When you work with the right people, it makes the job fun and easier. You can trust your employees because they have a passion for work. And enthusiasts will have more motivation and influence in your program with players, coaches and parents. They will represent your organization and your vision, so you want that kind of energy. Attitudes and behaviors are the foundation of good communication and achieving goals.

Stay prepared and updated

With everything that has happened in recent years, it is essential to stay informed on health or environmental issues. Your organization should provide safety guidelines and rules for staff, players and families. For example, with Covid-19 guidelines and flu outbreaks, what are the best and latest ways to stay protected and limit infection and transmission. Or, implement new first aid and injury prevention techniques. Make sure your staff knows how to implement, use and apply them. You never know when something will happen or when you’ll have to save a life. Preparation is essential. So make sure everyone is trained in CPR and emergency methods. Know the phone numbers for quick response if needed from ambulance or police.

List management

Phone numbers and addresses change, so your listings need to be updated. Contact information should be accurate so people can contact each other instantly. Sports connection is a technology that keeps everyone up to date with your system and leagues. It stores, displays and creates rosters to manage teams, assign players and coaches to teams, allowing them to communicate instantly. It allows coaches to consult the lists and have the contact details of all their players. And can contact everyone instantly for any announcements or issues.

Use a sports management program

A great way to improve communication is to use a sports technology provider like Sports connection. A company like Sports Connect simplifies and organizes everything mentioned above. You can communicate and share everything from registrations, rosters, promotions, results and schedule changes from your mobile device with just one click. Notifications, updates, messages, etc. have never been so simple.

Using this platform connects administrators, coaches, parents, players, teams, leagues, etc. It updates information and responses in real time, so communicating is simple, easy and efficient. All leagues can easily access system contact information to reach everyone. As Sports Connect’s Ben Wineski puts it, “Our tools and capabilities make it easy to send mass communications to specific players, teams and entire leagues across all age groups to individuals.”

If technology isn’t your forte, make sure you have a solid plan in place to communicate and update everyone quickly.

Be transparent and be available to answer questions from parents, coaches, staff or administrators. This will allow them to understand your intentions, address their concerns, and develop honest expectations.


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