How to increase your visibility in a community organization


What do you want to know

  • One way to attract the right people is to show up.
  • When you show up, do useful things.
  • If possible, help manage the money.

“More money means more problems.” You have decided to cultivate wealthy individuals in your local market.

You have joined at least one community organization. You are surrounded by ideal prospects. How do you increase your visibility?

You know what you don’t want to do. You don’t want to be one of those agents who can only talk business.

You can see people moving away from it as they approach. It reminds you of that lesson about magnets in high school.

Opposite poles attract. These agents are repelled and avoided.

Here are ways to make yourself known and noticed in a positive way.

1. Be a worker bee.

The wealthy people around you may attend meetings and write checks, but they don’t do the tedious work that keeps the organization running. They don’t set up chairs, host events, or fundraise.

Jump in and lend a hand. You will meet the movers and shakers. They will appreciate that you are doing your part.

2. Become a center of influence.

You’ve heard the line, “I know a guy who knows a guy.” You could be that guy who knows everyone.

You know where to find the best deal on wine shopping or the lowest cruise fares. (Wealthy people can be cheap. That’s one way to stay rich!)

This may lead to your area of ​​professional expertise. You want to be the “go to” guy.

3. Be close to the money.

Assuming your company agrees, you could be treasurer or chairman of the finance committee. (Some companies have rules.)

Here is the logic: “Our group entrusts our funds to him. It must be good. He must be honest. Therefore, I should also entrust my money to him.


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