How to implement a compliance program in your organization to have an effective HCP engagement


Fair market value is one of the key elements of a compliance program to facilitate the engagement of healthcare professionals. The methodology put in place must be objectively consistent and documented because transfers of value are increasingly taken into account from an anti-corruption perspective. In particular, you must be able to justify interactions with HCP/HCO, including documentation as new laws are released that set caps or hourly rates. Also, be sure to provide appropriate fees for services that are subject to HCP value transfer scrutiny with publicly available data with a transparency report.

IQVIA has developed a comprehensive methodology to comply with regulations by considering hourly rates from wage income, then prioritization criteria to qualify KOL objectivity and activity to compensate HCPs based on their level of investment .

With a special guest, we will discuss the needs of setting up a compliance program with FMV data to consider full automation of the HCP commitment to transparency disclosure and how this has increased the maturity of compliance with the efficiency of operations.


Véronique Monjardet, Ph.D.
Global Director MedTech, Trade Compliance & OneKey IQVIA

Burja Atakan
Engagement Manager, Commercial Compliance IQVIA

Diamantino Salvado
OneKey Medtech IQVIA Global Sales


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