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Dofort Harris interviewed by Radio Nemo host Dave Nemo after being selected for the 2021 NASTC Driver of the Year team.

Dofort “D-Train” Harris, driver for JD & Billy Hines Trucking, Inc. in Prescott, was recently selected to be part of NASTC’s 2021 Driver of the Year team. NASTC (National Association of Small Trucking Companies) represents over 14,000 trucking companies in the United States and Canada, and each year they sponsor this program to recognize drivers who are superlative in their field.

Dofort says he was stunned when he learned he was receiving the award. “I didn’t even know my name had been submitted,” Dofort said. “I was so surprised and felt humbled.” Dofort’s 30-plus years and more than 3 million miles as a Hines pilot are filled with many milestones and multiple awards for his top-notch safety and consummate skill, but he says it was an experience apart whole. He, his wife Kimberly and Ron Quillin (Hines HR Manager) traveled to Nashville for the annual conference where Dofort and Hines Trucking received the awards. “I enjoyed it from when I arrived until we left,” Dofort said. “I was able to meet the other drivers of the team and meet people from all over the country.” Dofort said every aspect of the conference, from the guest speakers to the hotel and the food, was just as enjoyable as meeting these interesting new people. He was even interviewed by Dave Nemo of Radio Nemo. “This whole experience has been wonderful, and I still feel humbled and honored to be recognized like this.”

Human Resources Manager Ron Quillin said Hines Trucking is more than proud of Dofort for receiving this award and making a strong impression at the national conference. “As Hines reps, we couldn’t have asked for more,” said Ron. “Dofort is a wonderful spokesperson for us because of his tenure and his personality.” During the conference, Dofort proudly wore his Hines shirt and rings every day while speaking with others from the company, and many compliments were given regarding Dofort’s engaging presence. “Everyone around him could feel this positive and contagious attitude that he has. He was very well received and we are really proud of him.

In a press release issued by NASTC, Executive Vice President Buster Anderson said Dofort joins a “very elite group that represents the best” and praised Dofort and Hines Trucking. “JD & Billy Hines Trucking Inc. is very proud of its drivers and should be very proud of themselves as well,” Anderson said. “It says a lot about a company when it can attract and retain employees of this caliber.”

For receiving this distinguished accolade, Dofort received a plaque and several awards, as well as an illuminated NASTC logo for his Hines Truck which ranks him as one of America’s Top Drivers and Driver of the Year Team Member. (see pictures below). Now, as Dofort runs his daily errands for Hines, everyone on the road can see that Dofort’s dexterous expertise has landed him on this esteemed list of the small trucking industry’s best and brightest drivers.

To view the NASTC press release, click HERE.

Dofort Harris was selected for SWARK.Today’s Citizen Spotlight in July 2021. To view this article and learn more about Dofort and JD & Billy Hines Trucking, Inc., click HERE.


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