First Years Launch New Student Makeup Organization


Makeup Atelier logo, created by Julia Magdziak.

New student association Makeup workshopcreated by first two years of the business of creative enterprises major, is the newest addition to the Emerson Art Institute.

President Elze Remeikyte uses her professional makeup artist degree to teach other students. The art of makeup has been a passion for her since the age of 12, and her favorite part of the process is the main step of applying primer.

All my life I’ve been interested in makeup,” Remeikyte said. “Foundation, concealer, contouring and just kind of the whole layout. You can think of it as a painting canvas. I just like to prepare this well so that my results are better.

Other than Bobbi Brown, Emerson’s former student and make-up artist, Remeikyte said the inspirations behind Makeup Atelier stems from a notice of student interest and the lack of a pre-existing makeup organization. After asking others on campus about their makeup interests and abilities, Remeikyte saw the perfect opportunity.

vice president Julia Magdziak brought her marketing skills to the table, contributing to the organization’s logo. Both students eagerly use their BCE major to their advantage.

“We kind of treat this student club like a small business, so it’s preparation for our future,” Magdziak said. “It’s very exciting.”

So far, the organization has held two information sessions and their weekly classes begin this Friday, February 4. Magdziak described the progressive structure of the introductory program, which is open to anyone with as much or as little experience as they have.

“We [are having] 10 classes, starting with the basics like the foundation, then going deeper into the eyes and the details,” Magdziak said.

Mask guidelines prove to be a challenge for the new organization, inhibiting the ability to apply full makeup. Magdziak said that due to COVID restrictions, a compromise to split the lessons between in-person and on Zoom was made, depending on the type of skills being taught.

“We are looking for the best solutions and the best ways to make this club exist, but also to help everyone to use their face,” said Remeikyte. “We want everyone to have a full experience of what this club is like. For example, when I talked about the make-up base, we’re going to be on Zoom because that’s when you have to take your mask off. Then when you do something above your nose, like your eyebrows or your eyes, that’s when we meet in person.

In order to prioritize safety, Makeup Atelier hopes to spend its first semester growing in numbers and becoming officially affiliated with Emerson.

“We’re hoping to grow and just get bigger,” Remeikyte said. “Right now, we are an independent organization. We need a lot of funding and all of that to prepare the most professional experience for people entering the makeup club.

The organization intends to take advantage of this time to get its bearings and explore different areas likely to interest students.

“This semester, we’re just going to experiment and see what people want, what people would like, what people would like to know from us about makeup,” Remeikyte said. “That’s our biggest goal, to use this semester as a starting point to make all the plans for the next semester and start these lessons for people to see who we are.”

Remeikyte and Magdziak look forward to collaborating with each other and their peers with boundless creativity. The space will not only strengthen people’s makeup skills, but also boost their self-confidence.

“Our goal is to teach students the basics of makeup because we see makeup as a very powerful tool for self-expression and also for building your confidence,” Magdziak said. “For makeup, we want to help people be the best version of themselves.”


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