Farm rescue organization raises funds for animals in need through ‘The Goat Games’


OXFORD, Iowa (KCRG) – Iowa Farm Sanctuary in Oxford participates in goat games. And no, the goats themselves are not in competition, but the profits go to feeding and caring for them.

They elected Pickle the goat as captain of a team of 15 athletes, all of whom volunteer their skills to raise funds for animals like her. This is part of an effort to support farm rescue organizations across the country.

“[The athletes] can do anything from racing, to kayaking, to Netflix, anything he wants for a dollar amount he sets himself,” said Iowa Farm Sanctuary co-founder Shawn Camp. .

One volunteer, Kevin Recknor, was one of the first to sign up.

“People were really excited when I said I was going to walk and play guitar and sing for the animals for every hundred dollars I raise,” Recknor said.

And he’s raised the most money there so far.

The Iowa Farm Sanctuary as a whole raised nearly $1,500. Combined with the money raised at the other 13 rescue organizations nationwide, that’s over $217,000 in total.

“It’s co-sponsored by the World Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, so anyone certified as a farm animal rescuer is welcome to participate,” Camp said.

With cows, pigs, goats, chickens and many other animals to tend to, Camp says their funds will likely go towards food.

“We get hay deliveries, probably every six weeks here, and each truck loads $7-8,000,” Camp said.

The money raised so far is what was promised. The events themselves begin on August 13 and continue until the 15th.

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