Elkhart’s local organization adopts families who have lost loved ones to violence to give back during the holiday season


ELKHART, Ind – A Woman’s Worth Creation hosted their God’s Children Toy event where they adopted the families of those who have lost loved ones to violence to help provide relief during the holiday season.

“Some families have been victims of violence recently this year. So as a lot of them have had a homicide in their immediate family, then some of them have been victims of domestic violence and a few of them are Also in need. So we just figured out what a time to spread some love, “said Lori Ann Barnes, founder of A Woman’s Worth Creation.

Transmit love to adopted families.

12 to be exact by providing them with the things they need.

“These families actually filled their own wishlists. So we went shopping based on that,” Barnes said.

Although they are not Santa Claus, the list allows families to return home with what they asked for and more.

“We had a little photo booth, they can take pictures. They’ll come away with a couple of bags of goodies. They’ve got a little bit of everything in those bags too, so we definitely tried to take care of the whole Christmas and not just give them away. a few things to help them, ”Barnes said.

This is not all they do to help the twelve adopted families and calm their spirits.

“We’re doing an ugly sweater theme just for a bit like I told you before, a lot of these families have been abused and so we just want to think about that for a second and these sweaters are so ugly they are extremely distracting, ”Barnes said.

A distraction from the loss by replacing it with love.

“In some situations sometimes you don’t have words. There isn’t enough hugging and you’re just trying to find a way to show some kind of love. So if we can do it by doing it just until Christmas then that’s what we’ll do. If we can do it by giving gifts and then relieving ourselves of the shopping, the crowds, the financial aspects. If we can help in any way , we want it because we know we don’t. have words, ”Barnes said.


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