Development of Low Code applications and new IT organization

The recent adoption of cloud-based data visualization tools is a great example of this evolution. Such tools give the business autonomy and speed unavailable with more traditional Business Intelligence platforms that required heavy IT involvement.

As this trend continues, companies can expect similar results by digitizing business workflows and improving the mobile user experience.

Apply data governance

In a low-code paradigm, IT identity must shift from information technology to information management. With the prevalence of cloud infrastructure providers, off-the-shelf SaaS applications, and a growing list of low-code application development platforms, data governance is more critical than ever. IT must do more to manage the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of corporate data.

• Data privacy, the protection of data from unauthorized access, is a key concept in cybersecurity. IT must proactively manage cybersecurity policies, ensuring that corporate systems and partners handling corporate data are protected from unauthorized access. Core skills include:
o identity provision
o data security
o intrusion detection

Data integrity, data accuracy and timeliness, are critical to building trust in data across the organization. Here, IT must acquire skills in:
o master data management
o data cataloging
o API management

Data availability, ensuring that data is available for consumption when it is needed, is essential for business continuity. IT must ensure that data can move across the enterprise and be accessible on demand. IT must seek to:
o data warehousing
o data integration
o data redundancy

To assemble

As business and IT undergo these changes, new operational agreements will be developed to ensure that data consumed and produced by new applications meet business productivity and compliance needs. New ways to expose enterprise data across business units will emerge. Company policies, leadership, and training must ensure that application development complies with these data flows and policies.
Federated citizen development using low-code platforms is essential. But it must be planned and controlled to take full advantage of its potential.


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