Colorado Springs mental health organization, one of many to receive Colorado Gives Day donations


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – December 7 is Colorado gives birth, a day dedicated solely to supporting and donating to nonprofit organizations across the state. In Colorado Springs, one of the nonprofits participating in the state initiative is the National Alliance Against Mental Illness Colorado Springs (NAMI).

“We’re trying to be here, not just for that first phone call because people might be facing a new diagnosis and trying to figure out what that means, but also for the long haul, anything that will help them. at various points throughout their journey, ”says Kirk Woundy, Associate Executive Director of NAMI.

NAMI provides mental health services, free of charge, to groups, families and individuals in the Pikes Peak area.

Woundy says mental illness is more prevalent in our lives than we realize. Statistics show that one in five people will experience something like anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder.

And the problem, Woundy says, is only getting worse.

“A survey conducted earlier this year found that 45-49% of people in the area had deteriorated mental health or emotional well-being as a result of the pandemic,” Woundy said.

Despite how often a person suffers from mental health issues, Woundy says it takes 10 years for a person to get the help they need.

“It’s really hard for people to come to terms with something that is so in some ways mysterious, often so unexpected and so isolating when they are suffering from a mental health issue,” says Woundy.

At Colorado gives birth, donations to associations such as NAMI are matched by an incentive fund by those who oversee Colorado Gives Day – potentially doubling the aid they will receive for their mission.

There are over 3,000 nonprofit organizations in the state of Colorado that you can donate to. For a list of non-profit organizations, Click here.


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