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Coforge provided a data analytics solution for a global cement manufacturing organization

by Analytics Insight

January 14, 2022

Coforge has done a ton of work conveying the IoT for a global cement manufacturing organization.


One of the keys to achieving sustainable development goals in green business is choosing developmentally appropriate structural materials. These companies expect to use environmentally friendly materials that support the use of reused and inexhaustible materials, privately manufactured with less hazardous gas emissions with long and resistant profiles. Using these eco-friendly materials is also helpful in achieving higher rates during green structure claim enforcement cycles. As interest in materials capable of enduring increases worldwide, development material manufacturers must provide materials that can be used in naturally conscious structures without compromising biological conditions. Specifically, the production of concrete affects the climate enormously due to the emission of a large amount of CO2 during the creation measures.

Over the past few years, global cement manufacturing organizations have faced challenges such as change management and user acceptability, language differences, extremely complex data models, latest features have not not been implemented and too many different reporting applications have been implemented leading to duplication of data. and therefore differences. Among these three key challenges were:

Energy: The manufacture of concrete requires a lot of energy, and not just figuratively. It devours a ton of hot and electrical energy among other things for the cycle. Cycles should be smoothed and controlled to make them more energy efficient.

High quality labor: with better opportunities in different verticals of the assembly area (in addition to the concrete part) and the difficult idea of ​​the needs for specialized expertise of the company, the concrete activity experienced a steady decline in labor value.

Solids Handling: The best test for any industry is taking care of the solids throughout the various assembly cycles. If it is not predictable throughout the cycle stream, it causes variations in quality.


Coforge is known for providing the best solutions and it has done so for Global Cement Manufacturing Organization by providing solutions such as implementing a consistent IT task model / Business as Usual, progressing through change exercises, decreasing the number of frequencies by applying extremely long-lasting fixes on recurring occurrences, automating month-end activities which will lead to improved productivity and eliminate human error, and code advancement has resulted in progress in the execution of the framework.

Progress on using support for existing merchants to offer a 24/7 SLA in place for phone support and 9/5 engaged help, on the right to process all P1 to P4 ticket resolutions with a 2 hour SLA for the conclusion of P1 and P2 Incidents. In addition, help with table change and drive change for ad-lib current reports and dashboards, help re-characterize SAP ad procedure and give guide, bug target in existing customization, enhancements minor activities that require less than 5 man-days, monthly close the exercises and produce a GIS report.


Previously, it took a truck 8 hours to go through stacking and security checks, since the whole cycle was done physically. From verification, confirmation, development, stacking to installment, everything was manual. Coforge chose to dispense with a ton of that work by handing over the IoT for a global cement manufacturing organization.

The concrete organization has mechanized the whole interaction from the start as much as possible. Each truck is enrolled and receives an RFID tag. Thanks to these labels, Global Cement Manufacturing can follow the evolution of trucks. The second a truck enters the yard; a parking space is distributed there. Robotic executives create remittance slips, the review is completed by security guards, and then, at this point, the truck leaves for transportation. This reduced the full turnaround time from 8 hours to 3 hours.

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