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RALEIGH, NC (December 17, 2021) – Today, the North Carolina Justice Center, a preeminent voice for economic and social justice in North Carolina, is delighted to announce that the Budget & Tax Center (BTC) is transforming into a separate entity, with the new organization focusing on creating fair systems through long-term budget and tax goals. The North Carolina Justice Center will remain focused on its long-standing mission to lead, research and defend the economic security of all North Carolinians.

“Now, more than ever, we need to make sure everyone in North Carolina has access to the resources, services and the fair treatment they need to thrive,” said Rick Glazier, executive director of the North Carolina Justice Center . “We look forward to having another like-minded organization leading efforts to expand economic opportunities for North Carolinians in 2022.”

The NC Justice Center and BTC teams are currently working together to ensure a successful transition. The planned structural change will take effect on January 1, 2022.

“This organizational change follows a lot of thinking and planning and will help us do our best to ensure that public policies reflect the needs and priorities of the people,” said Alexandra Sirota, Director of the Budget & Tax Center. “This move will allow us to focus on engaged fiscal and economic research and to connect with communities historically excluded from policy-making processes. Our goal is to advance proactive ideas that will ensure our state is a place where every person can be healthy and reach their full potential. “

The NC Justice Center will continue the fight for economic security by leveraging its five-pronged approach to address the state’s most pressing challenges:

  1. Dispute: Experienced lawyers take on high-impact cases that protect and extend the rights of low-income workers, consumers, immigrants and families.
  2. Advocacy for public policies: Trained advocates work with government officials and allies to ensure laws and policies that protect and extend economic security, including removing systemic barriers to economic opportunity and mobility.
  3. To research: Expert analysts assess the social and economic challenges facing low-income families and communities and develop policy recommendations to promote shared prosperity.
  4. Community awareness: Educators and facilitators partner with community groups and leaders to support movements for change.
  5. Communication: Writers and media specialists generate content for new and traditional media to shape public dialogue and influence state policy.


About the North Carolina Justice Center: The North Carolina Justice Center is the state’s preeminent voice for economic, political and social justice. As a leading progressive research and advocacy organization, our mission is to end poverty in North Carolina.

About the NC Budget and Tax Center: The NC Budget & Tax Center is a non-partisan organization that strives to document fiscal and economic conditions in communities in order to support the work of individuals, organizations, and government to advance solutions to poverty and seek the racial equity.


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