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BROCKWAY – Brockway Borough Council has spent the last of its first disbursement from its US rescue fund in the borough helping a local organization with a project.

“We are thrilled to be able to help the Kaimanns of the Brockway area,” said board chairman Chris “Smoke” Benson. “They do a lot for our community and have also been hit hard by the pandemic with their fundraising. This money goes to a good project.

The Brockway Area Kaimanns was formerly the Kiwanis Club, but changed its name in 1997. The service organization has worked in Brockway for over 50 years.

Benson said the donation completely drains the American Rescue Fund’s money. Another round is scheduled for June and the borough council already has requests for additional funding. They will consider these requests after the money arrives.

Water problems on the greenway

A resident of Green Way near Brockway Area Junior-Senior High School came to council about standing and freezing water issues near his residence. In 1999, residents along Green Way and the high school reached an agreement to put a drain at the end of the road, but this drain is on private property and the owner decided to pave it years later . This same owner pumps water from a basement and this water collects where the drain should be. The borough said it will look into the problem, but since the drain is on private property, it doesn’t know what to do.

Police Chief Troy Bell said Laurel Auto has a car on the lot, so the borough is beginning the process of getting a new police cruiser. The gun rack and computer will need to be removed from the old police cruiser and installed in the new one, so that this process takes place before the borough puts the cruiser into service.

The volunteer fire department has responded to six alarms since the last meeting, including two in the borough. One was an EMS assistant and the other was a traffic accident.

Since December, the fire department has added two regular members and three junior members. New members will be added at the next fire department meeting.

The fire department was fortunate enough to help the community college land in a helicopter. Deputy Chief Devin Trentini said it was good for new firefighters to meet the flight crew and see the process when it was not an emergency.

The proposed paving list will be announced for auction and those bids will open on April 7. Currently, the borough plans to pave portions of Second, Fourth, and Fifth Avenues and Alexander Street toward the high school.

Brockway Pool and next meeting

The Recreation Council said it was still looking for lifeguards for the upcoming summer pool season. The council also needs pool managers and concession stand operators.

The borough council met in executive session regarding personnel matters. The next meeting will be April 7 and 7:00 p.m.


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