Benton Harbor organization is committed to helping residents get water


BENTON HARBOR, Michigan – While MDHHS provided Benton Harbor with bottled water and selected partners to help with its distribution, organizations like Mosaic CCDA – which has been in existence for 15 years – say they have been able to lend a hand to the state because they are boots on the ground and impacted by the water crisis themselves.

“It’s more of a helping hand, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” said Jamal McGee, warehouse manager at Mosaic CCDA.

Mosaic CCDA is now up to five days a week delivering bottled water.

“168 cases per shift and there are two shifts per day,” said Gabrielle Engle, COO of Mosaic CCDA.

Many of those bringing water to residents’ homes also live in Benton Harbor and share their struggle.

“It’s a joy when they come to the door and say thank you so much and help each other out because we all need it,” McGee said.

When it comes to doing home deliveries, they need people for the long haul as bottled water will be a necessity for a while.

Mosaic now has the ability to pay residents to become delivery drivers.

“We hire drivers as independent contractors who then use our delivery truck to go door to door,” Engle said.

Mosaic even identifies a new need due to all the plastic entering the city.

“We were dropping bags in while we were dropping off the water that we would then pick up and be part of a recycling program,” Engle said.

Mosaic is asking any resident looking for a water delivery to call the state on 211 while they compile the list.


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