Baltimore organization sets up program to steer youth away from violence


BALTIMORE – There have been many shootings that have plagued our city, but people aren’t giving up on young people.

On Sunday afternoon, the organization “Challenge to Change” organized an event aimed at putting young people on the right track.

Throughout the summer, the organization held various youth outreach programs designed to give children more opportunities and support to overcome any trauma.

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The organization tackled gun violence and taught conflict resolution, and to end the summer, camp leaders held a summer camp closing ceremony for the youth.

“I’m so happy to be part of this camp,” said Challenge for Change participant Maureece Jackson. “It helped me overcome my anger and learn to think before I act. I also like sportsmanship. The program helped me use sport to improve my skills and teamwork. ”

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Summertime violence was no stranger to Baltimore, and unfortunately the youth were not spared. This summer, 23 teenagers were shot and 11 of them lost their lives due to gun violence.

The organizers call on the community to get involved and help change the lives of children, because youth is our future.

“It’s about keeping the voices of young people alive, and it’s about letting them know that,” said youth activist Terry Williams. “I once heard a young brother say that a movement without young people is a useless movement. So it’s about recognizing that our youth plays a central role in the future of the city of Baltimore.”


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