Baltimore organization in shambles due to horrific Angelos family feud


The Baltimore Orioles are a historic MLB franchise. They have had a number of quality seasons throughout their existence and are lucky enough to play their home games at the beautiful Camden Yards. However, the organization is currently in shambles. Not only is the on-field product lackluster, but the Orioles’ property is in a state of complete upheaval. The Angelos family is currently vying for ownership of the franchise, according to the Baltimore Sun.

This is breaking news with details yet to be revealed. However, here is what has been made public so far.

Louis Angelos accused his older brother John Angelos of taking control and ignoring their father’s trust. Their father, Peter Angelos, is said to have set up a trust to take care of the Orioles’ affairs. But John took power according to Louis. A complaint has been filed accordingly.

The situation itself has a number of messy details. The lawsuit states that John used his power for personal reasons that created a conflict of interest. The lawsuit also says the team was on the market to be sold before John repeatedly turned down the deal.

This story is far from over. Theirs will likely need to be a court case unless there is an unforeseen agreement between the family. But the one thing that’s clear is that the Angelos have to sell the Baltimore Orioles.

The Orioles are looking to wrestle. They are in the midst of a rebuild and feature plenty of young talent, including future star Adley Rutschman. But building a winner is difficult when management is in shambles.


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