“As an organization, we’re really lucky to have him” – New York Yankees batting coach on prospect Anthony Volpe


While spring training may not have started in time for baseball, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to report in Florida. With multiple teams conducting training camps around the state, the New York Yankees were no exception. And with the prospects they have to offer, batting coach Dillon Lawson has shown some enthusiasm for their development this offseason. Future shortstop Anthony Volpe was specifically discussed.


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Anthony Volpe recently rose through the ranks as the Yankees’ top prospect. With the Bronx Bombers looking for a long-term replacement at shortstop, his call to the major leagues may not be that far off. But for now, he remains in training camp and is set to spend another season in the minor leagues before moving to the major league pinstripes. Talking about his offseason development, Coach Lawson seemed pleased.

Dillon Lawson Talks Developing Anthony Volpe

After a strong performance in the minor leagues in 2021, for Volpe, this offseason will have been about keeping that momentum going. And if you ask Lawson, that’s exactly what he did. Says Lawson, “He looks exactly like where his season ended.”

As with any artist the Yankees are excited about, Volpe is a prospect that generates a lot of discussion. And everyone knows it too. Lawson explained how the upcoming season could unfold for the developing young star. Says Lawson, “High expectations, but he earned those expectations.

Volpe hit striking numbers last season; and with the minor leagues set to begin soon, he could well be set for another stellar season.

But like all great athletes, the question must necessarily arise. When will he be able to take the leap? And according to Dillon Lawson, that day isn’t far off either. “I expect to see him in the big leagues. For me, it’s a matter of time. Lawson said.

Ready to jump into the Major League?

While not necessarily lacking in skill in any specific area at the moment, Volpe will need some preparation before making the leap. Says Lawson, “Gaining experience at the double-A, triple-A level, obviously where part of the game strategy, preparing for the opponent who is maybe able to execute a game plan a little better.”

While obviously excited for Volpe, Lawson also made sure he was still a work in progress. “I think he’ll do a great job with that, but that’s the next step.”Lawson said.


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And while the odds that Volpe will feature for the Bronx Bombers this year are slim. Lawson didn’t completely rule out a feature. “It wouldn’t surprise me if that happened this year, but it will be what he does with it” Lawson said.

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A prospect like Volpe is something the Yankees will cherish and look to make the most of from here. Says Lawson, “As an organization, we are really very lucky to have him”

And while the Yankees can be happy with Anthony Volpe, do you think he’ll make the move this season? Or will the 2023 season take place before we catch a whiff of Volpe in the majors?


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