Accepting the reality of Republican organization as a factual conspiracy.

Yesterday, a newspaper here linked to Carl Bernstein’s classification of Kevin McCarthy’s Republican Party actions related to Jan. 6 and after as a conspiracy and cover-up.…

I present my thesis that this classification defines the organizational functioning mechanism of the Republican Party at least since Obama came to power:

The Republican Organization is a massive conspiracy with a unified messaging/media system and operational structure that is fundamentally opposed to honest democracy. It is impossible that the breadth and volume of provable lies can be maintained without a strict and covert strategy to maintain messaging discipline and that the goal of this misinformation system is the destabilization of democratic norms with the end goal of a one-party authoritarian regime.

a secret plan by a group to do something illegal or harmful.

To start, here is a list of indisputable truths that have been turned around and presented as lies by elected Republicans and their media machine:

– Barack Obama was not born in Kenya and he is not a Muslim (apart from the fact that none of these things would be anything but acceptable under the current US Constitution and base tenants)

– Global warming is real and has been undeniably for at least 10 years (or more).

– Benghazi was a tragic terrorist incident with a minor email issue initially that should have been sorted out with the smaller internal organization.

– The Mueller report revealed deep ties between the Trump campaign and Russia and was anything but a hoax.

– Donald Trump attempted to criminally extort the President of Ukraine.

– Vaccines are the best and only solution for pandemics, masks work, Dr. Fauci and the CDC are and were correct, and Donald Trump’s COVID-related activities were criminally negligent, incompetent, and caused suffering and death. unimaginable deaths making the United States the worst nation on the planet for the ratio of ability to have helped keep our citizens safe as well as helping the planet with what really happened.

– The 2020 election was a clear, clean, and mandated ouster of Donald Trump by 8 million votes that was reconsidered in every possible way and delivered a clear Biden victory.

– The attack on the capital was a deeply violent event engineered by high-level supporters of Donald Trump, fomented by his speech and allowed to criminally prosecute his attempt to overthrow our democracy by Trump himself.

– This list is very incomplete for the sake of brevity.

Above all – each of the above is irrefutable given a reasonable factual examination, but, more importantly – attempting to prove otherwise is absolutely impossible and in any case there is no objective evidence that can be forwarded to maintain the alleged opposing point of view. These elements are objective truths with no “interpretation” to create reasonable disbelief.

To reiterate – There are no facts to back up the lies in any of these situations and in any case there is an overwhelming amount of researched and collected data to prove the truth. Each of these items began as a “question” based on a fundamental lie that needed to be disproved, and often at an extreme level of scrutiny and intensity. These are just situations where the answer was “Well, we kind of looked into it and – whatever, we’ll just call it a day”. The facts of each have been summarily proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to those to whom the data is presented.

Where this leads is that to continue with the lie of the lie, a person must either a) not be in the presence of the factual findings (and that’s the mass propagated because the media arm of this conspiracy doesn’t publish them not) or

b) Choosing to continue with the lie they know is a fiction.

There is no “C” option here. Ignorance, incompetence, or idiocy are beyond the realm of someone who finds themselves in a courtroom with the factual information presented on most of these topics.

It is not acceptable to say that, for example, a congressman ignored the findings of the Mueller report, ignored the avalanche of evidence that the election was fair and – God forbid – the reality that the assault on the capital was violent was compromised from the forces of Trump and their party. These are not tenable concepts.

Now the context is critical. The above list is not an arbitrary set of lies by a compulsive liar. Everyone knows each of these blatant and destructive untruths because they are of course the absolute cornerstones of the republican machine.

Stop for a second and absorb that. It’s not politics. I ask you to be honest and think about the lies on our side of the aisle. You can’t find anything remotely resembling this.

And it’s time to really pop the lid on that fact. These blatant lies as a party platform require strict adherence and they are discussed, chosen and activated both within elected officials and disseminated with the media arm. Do I have proof of this? I have no memos, I have no phone calls but I have basic logic, basic human reality and a simple scenario to start –

Imagine that five people are separated, given a basic idea to lie about and not allowed to discuss it with each other, and then have to show up on TV and talk about it. The chance of a unified message even with a “starting topic” would be next to impossible. Now repeat this experiment with the number of items in my list and then decide the size of the list I didn’t include and there is no doubt about it.

The lying mechanism is controlled. The lies are orchestrated. Lies can start with an idea of ​​fact or at least a reasonable question, but each of those listed above has passed the moment of reasonable debate (if such a thing existed) and passed it in the warm-up round of a component structural messaging marathon that it has become.

Let’s go back to the component of the definition of a conspiracy:

Are the lies a secret plan? Absoutely. The Republican Organization does not publicly discuss its activities in creating, sustaining, and communicating those destructive elements that are central to its structure.

Are Systemic Republican Lies Harmful? Sure. They create an atmosphere of violence in the United States in which millions of people feel literally threatened by those who are manipulated by the lies. Moreover, those who are manipulated are themselves psychologically injured.

It is time to grasp this fact. The Republican Party has consistently created a structured platform out of outright lies and demands that its party members participate or be purged.

Carl Bernstein calling post-January 6 behavior a conspiracy is a good start, but that’s like calling the discovery of a single tumor the cancer itself.

Let’s go back to the idea of ​​denial of understanding – or allowing the foot soldiers of the party – the millions of voters – to believe the lies.

It’s very simple and therein lies the crime. The average Republican actually doesn’t see the factual evidence. They aren’t shown hearings, they aren’t shown full video clips, they aren’t given objective evidence, and so their world has become a bizarre mirror image. We understand Fox isn’t News but it’s worse than that. This is deliberately crafted misinformation. It must not only subvert the reality of what is real in each of the elements listed above, but it must also create a false narrative. It’s a monumental task beyond the scope of this journal, but it’s worth reflecting on in this content. This is more than just fake news. Much more.

I don’t believe we can be saved from this. It’s literally one of two political parties and on the no-fake side, no one is coming out with anything remotely resembling the statement I’m making. That it’s too extreme, that I actually sound like a “conspiracy theorist”, that it makes life easier not to launch such a drastic assault on such a massive and powerful entity.

Whatever the reason, it’s not being done and the only way to fix it is for every news source that’s not on the wrong side, and every elected Democrat, to sign this message and call the criminals to the mat ……

Which won’t happen. Sadly. For me at least, sharing the message, allowing for a few more “ahas”, maybe that’s what I need right now.


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