a redesign of the Gmail organization. This is what it would look like


After promising the new design last summer, Google is finally working to integrate it into its company’s Gmail on Workspace.

Aren’t the types changing? Too bad, because Google is doing it again. A year and a half after unveiling Gmail’s current new design for G Suite users, which has become the workspace, the company has announced another change (already previewed) with a clear objective: to allow you to start use most of its services in the workplace. This time around, you’re trying to do it with less clutter and distraction.

You can easily switch between different tools without opening more windows

The new design includes a navigation menu that lets you easily switch between Inbox, Chats, and Spaces, as well as Meet video and audio calls, instead of having to open more annoying tabs and windows. . Additionally, Google is adding alert bubbles that let you know if you have a new alert in any of these tools – rather than having to see all of your conversations all the time in the same window as in design. current. Another innovation is the Gmail search engine, which can also search chats.

This is what it would look like

This new design comes after Google rebranded G Suite as Workspace last year, introducing the kind of unified design teaser we’ll be getting soon. At the time, I promised that the update would arrive “this summer”, but of course, it hasn’t happened yet.

More such stories are waiting for you now

More such stories are waiting for you now
In the official Jekteam channel update

As usual with big changes and new features in Gmail, this time too Google is extending the implementation over time: from February 8 (until 15 days later) you might see a pop-up offer you to switch to the new interface with the possibility of returning to the previous interface in Settings. Those who don’t go through April will get the new force design, but you can also revert to the previous design this time around – using the Settings screen. By the end of the second quarter of 2022, the new design will become the default design without reversal. It is currently unclear if Google will also bring this design to private Gmail users.

The old design, and below: the alert you will receive

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